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  1. 2022 2.3 vs. 2.7 reliability

    Since all we have in the forum is anecdotal stories and no actual useful data... I guess I might go ahead and take the one that isn't under investigation by the NTSB for dangerous and sudden cataclysmic failure... Plus it is the only one available with the manual. So there is that. Short...
  2. In production with painted modular top. Need help extending order

    You got the email 19 days ago! Why have you not called the dealer and asked them about it yet? You got good advice over two weeks ago to 99 it, but chose to do nothing. It is probably too late now, but why ask for help and then not act on it? Take some responsibility to get it fixed, call...
  3. I'm an Idiot or Going Insane [Updated With Final Location of Key Fob 🙀]

    Wedged between the oil pan and the frame, right next to your 10mm socket?
  4. Price Protection beyond 2023?

    You might want to edit to similar as before, for accuracy; Hey Ford, i made the mistake of believing your written terms and conditions that you would fill all reservations before dealer stock andi picked my preferred dealer as you instructed me to do. Then you changed the rules and...
  5. Adios '21 2 door...hello ??

    Or Race Red, Area 51, or Lightning Blue...
  6. The Ultimate 2022MY PRICE PROTECTION Flowchart

    Unless you had a reservation before 3/20/21 and ordered on or after that date, Ford's clearly stated policy is that you get no price protection beyond mid year increases for 2022 and that those go away if you do not get a 2022MY, there is no 'feeling' to be had, Ford has stated explicitly that...
  7. New guy-waiting no news

    I am sure it is a mix of the two, if you do even a cursory search on here and read some threads, there are quite a few members claiming directly that the dealers sold reservation linked Bronco's out from under them while still telling them they had not received them yet. Similar stories abound...
  8. Win a Bronco Raptor - BONUS ENTRIES through Sunday (6/12)

    Yeah, sadly real life has made me wary of direct links or even fancy websites from time to time. I went to the purported site they claim to represent, checked it out. They had all the required rules in place (like Michigan's law that requires a free method of entry, which I did and it worked)...
  9. Ford's failure to deliver and communicate

    And does this scanner have precise GPS location of where each scan was taken? Otherwise, this does nothing to disabuse my personal theory that a vague idea of the general area of each one might be in a lot is as good as Ford can get until they get folks actually in the lots looking. Not parked...
  10. New guy-waiting no news

    welcome aboard and, sadly, no, you will get nothing until a few days before Ford decides to make a Bronco for you.
  11. Ford's failure to deliver and communicate

    There are two prongs on the fork here; Either Ford is not competent enough to answer these questions due to a lack of structure or information on their end or they are choosing to not answer them and have the relevant information (or a combination therein) The first seems to have some validity...
  12. Price Protection Falsehood Rant

    This is the exact correct answer.
  13. Video (TFL): There is No V8 in the All New 2022 Ford Bronco Raptor: I Ask Ford Why!

    Have not, however...it sounds extra good. (no pun intended)
  14. Video (TFL): There is No V8 in the All New 2022 Ford Bronco Raptor: I Ask Ford Why!

    Coyote would be the wrong choice, you want Godzilla (or destroked version) 2-V head w/pushrods, long stroke low end torque. A 5.8L version of around 350 horses and 450 torque around 2800 RPM would work just fine for me
  15. What's up with Jeep guys

    Jealousy is an ugly emotion. Possessive, needy, and insecure. That about wraps up the why some of them act as they do.
  16. New tires for base 16" wheels - K02 or Grabber?

    I am still stuck on why the Hell someone would be expected to do (and comply) tire shopping for their boss. You a personal shopper or something?
  17. 🗓 2023MY Bronco Ordering, Production Scheduling, and Job #1 Dates

    The Bronco that I ordered 8 months before yours (and 'reserved' under a first reserved, first made policy at that time, well over a year before you) is looking like a 2024 MY, right after price protection disappears, but since Ford hasn't even pretended to care about the reservation holders and...
  18. Bronco Off-Roadeo, what is it and is it worth it?

    It is not put on by Ford, it is a third party company outside of your dealer and Ford. Ford supports them to an unknown extent, but it is a for profit deal, they are serious about the extra cost damage insurance and non-refundable fees. Still a great time and deal by all accounts, but you are...
  19. First day of wheeling with new Bronco.

    How exactly does a hotel, named after a creature not 'discovered' or named until the 1950's, end up with Sasquatch in the name and claim to have been established in 1936? I look forward to hearing of the time traveling aliens that founded the place.
  20. What would you do?

    looks like you have a 3/4 ton pick up already per your info, why get an additional half ton? Be a lot of overlap, keep the Bronco.