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  1. Who else has almost ran out of gas ⛽?

    You can definitely go past zero. 10-20 miles or so. I don't want to find out.
  2. Clueless on what PSI is reading...

    help! My car came with 4 turbos and they're all stuck at 38psi!? Can I fix this with a different engine oil?
  3. Base Bronco Non Sas 3.73 Gear On 35s

    Oh yeah I realize. We have like 2-3 additional OD gears.
  4. Base Bronco Non Sas 3.73 Gear On 35s

    Interesting that an auto BD starts out in the "red" region.
  5. Question about best way to go up a steep snow-covered, rocky hill?

    There's no gas savings from a manual in this case. But generally I agree with you...
  6. She gets a little squirrelly on hard acceleration

    A rear sway bar will affect the suspension left to right. If the entire rear end is squatting it will do nothing.
  7. Alright Ford you broke me - question for soft top owners

    My mic is close to that loud
  8. Amperage inflation mystery

    Calm down gramps
  9. Mishimoto Ford Bronco Intercooler Kit [+VIDEO] For 2.3 and 2.7 Engines

    It's not going to affect the temperature of the turbo(s)
  10. Bears or Bust 2022 with my Bronco and home/selfbuilt camper

    Same. I'm also interested in a build journal or details for the trailer.
  11. Noise getting into 4lo

    Yeah I was completely stopped in neutral, foot on the brake.
  12. Noise getting into 4lo

    Often when I shift into 4lo, I hear a bad bapbapbapbapbap sound of something spinning but not fully engaged. Then I get an error msg saying 4x4 shift delayed, pull forward. So I put it in drive, move up a foot, try again and it usually works. Normal? Terrible? It's certainly embarrassing...
  13. Lincoln model on same platform

    For it to be a Lincoln worth making it would need to have a metal roof. Which means major design work, it's not going to happen for this generation at least. Maybe for the next generation they can make a metal top without a roll cage, with fancy air suspension and AWD. Which is just an...
  14. Top Speed of the 2.7 Bronco?

    Safety lawyers? Or tire engineers?
  15. So 4A is not what I had thought...

    Yeah you can just select 2H again. 2h isn't disabled, it just isn't the default option for sport.
  16. So 4A is not what I had thought...

    Or the power distribution screen is a lie
  17. IAG V2 Steps

    Not essential but would help. Without a step they're going to wear the seat out a ton getting in and out.
  18. What's the "swamp ass" situation with MGV / leather seats in these things?

    Use the seat heater to cook off the moisture