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  1. Support for The Stig - B6G Call to Action

    And the legendary forum member that cropped his photo in the drivers seat of the “Bronco” (Sport). So good!
  2. Quality is not job 1

    I love these posts. My time and inconvenience convincing a dealer there is a problem is never considered. But muh warranty😆😆
  3. Your favorite Bronco Builds?

    One of my favorite 1G builds here. Since you didn’t specify😉
  4. Your favorite Bronco Builds?

    Yup. And son of Randy Owens lead singer of greatest country band of all time!!
  5. Alright Ford you broke me - question for soft top owners

    10k miles with flaccid top in Utah. Second winter. Hindsight being 20/20 I’m glad I made switch from the dumpster fire HT and constraint mess. I was at Granger so probably still be in purgatory there if we didn’t change. I thought someone did some noise level testing and found the HT was about...
  6. Bought NEW '22 Badlands and Having RAMPANT Alarm Issues

    The amount of money your dealer made on that transaction you should park the thing in front of the GMs house until they fix issue.
  7. 💰 Official: $2500 Order Modification Offer to Wildtrak Customers (switch trims) and Non-Wildtrak Customers (modify order to remove constraints)

    Same. Feel bad for so many there from start. We went to softie too. Glad we did cuz this continues to be a dumpster fire. Softie has been fine so far but hope to upgrade to aftermarket HT at some point. I most certainly would’ve been banned if I was still waiting 😂😂
  8. Smoke and Snow.

    Gender is a social construct.
  9. Starting to wonder.

    Then just let the dealer have it. They make $20k and you have peace of mind😂
  10. Should I keep both Broncos?

    Yes, you’re paranoid if you think every idiot on road making a slow or stopped right turn is after you. Good luck.
  11. Starting to wonder.

    Buy it and flip it then. Plenty of idiots willing to spend $100k+ status symbols.
  12. Should I keep both Broncos?

    Helluva a way to live life man. I get being smart. Sounds like you’re paranoid. Edit: And what exactly is stopping a dealer from coming after you?
  13. 2024 Bronco Refresh?

    I’ll give you the current Gen has a lot in common with 6th. But that redesign was a game changer for Ford. Tough deal completely redesigning models when you’re top selling truck.
  14. Should I keep both Broncos?

    I’ll take my chances over corrupt dealers. I’ve personally had way more experiences with dealers trying to screw me than the general public.
  15. Should I keep both Broncos?

    Honest question. Is that for real? Has tort law ruined our country to the point we are afraid to sell a vehicle to someone? Sold every vehicle in a private transaction and it never crossed my mind. Take care of my shit and upfront and honest with buyers. Never had an issue and take joy in...
  16. 2024 Bronco Refresh?

    You’re funny bro. It’s a 2004 sold in late 2003. I bought a 6thGen in 2006 cuz Ford nailed the design back then. Fantastic truck. They sold a metric ton of trucks on that redesign. Hated the 5th Gen. Ugliest design Ford ever produced imo. Guess they were shooting for fuel economy and...
  17. 2024 Bronco Refresh?

    You know damn well that top image isn’t a 2003 F150. 2003 was 5th Gen and fugly. Redesign was in 2004 with 6th Gen. Now on 9th Gen. It’s been more than refreshed a number of times. Nice try.
  18. 2024 Bronco Refresh?

    Right. Because these two model years look exactly the same.
  19. Should I keep both Broncos?

    You missed my point entirely. People are reluctant to sell private around here. It’s not that hard. I can only guess it’s just laziness. And of course he’s gonna take it up ass on ADM paid. But if dealer is willing to offer $60k there’s clearly room to make up some ground with private sale...