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  1. People flipping their Bronco

    I should of done that; built mine and then also a more mainstream friendly one. Where's my damn Delorean
  2. How to break in a new Manual?

    Know my JHM Clutch was semi-OEM+ (RS4 basically), so it's 200 city miles. I drove mine all over the 5 boroughs and up to NH and back, so doubt I'll cook it, especially not in the 1st week with 200 miles
  3. How to break in a new Manual?

    So grab her by the back of her head and show her whose boss, got it
  4. How to break in a new Manual?

    Gotcha, always wondered about that Thanks Nick, appreciate the advice
  5. How to break in a new Manual?

    I should be fine for the most part, although no promises with the Speed shifting
  6. How to break in a new Manual?

    So no break in period like when you get a new one basically? Got it
  7. How to break in a new Manual?

    Since I never got a brand new Manual, not sure how to go about the break in procedure. I don't baby my vehicles, maybe an Italian Tune up but otherwise just drive it normally when I get them new, but then with an OEM Clutch, isn't it the first 200 city miles and then you're good? Any pro's...
  8. Board Snob Poll

  9. Board Snob Poll

    7/13 here and damn proud of it. Exactly, you tell 'em Ricky Bobby! Also, Manual or Bust, as well as 2dr Supremacy :ROFLMAO:
  10. Did the KOH great drive along videos change your mind: Manual vs. Auto?

    I was going to stay Manual regardless, but KoH confirmed I made the right choice
  11. Bronco in The Sims 3

    They still got zodiac signs? It might seem inane, but as an Author, like to incorporate it into my OC's and stuff
  12. Steeda Bronco Edition

    Basically a big name in suspension and chassis for Mustang's Ask me how I know
  13. Bronco in The Sims 3

    Pimptastic How is 3 btw, tried 4 and don't like it at all
  14. TFL and 5 Star Tuning saying should be able to get 500+ HP out of the Bronco 2.7L

    Its bound to happen Don't misconstrue me when I say these are Fords, not Ferrari's xD
  15. Why No email from Ford?

    received mine a week later, wonder whats been going on?
  16. What's with the manual trans hype?

    My history: '05 Liberty: Auto '07 H3x: Auto '10 Boxster S (Dad's weekend car that became a Daily): Auto (PDk/Auto, same difference) '02 TT 225: Manual '07 A4: Manual '16 Ecoboost Mustang: Auto '19 Ram Rebel: Auto Notice a trend there? Never owned a brand new manual and figure I'm teaching my...

    That's true, I'm just used to it being universal by now and congrats @Xploit , you're gonna love it! Sorry, I have a bit of a blunt, abrasive nature with my comments