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  1. Sand Dunes!!

    Hey ya'll!! Headed to the sand dunes in Florence, OR for the PNW Bronco Roundup. Any tips for a virgin WildTrack? (Stay classy plz) Cat.
  2. Washington Sold: For Sale: MRT King of the Hill Dual Tip Black Ops Exhaust

    If you are looking for an agressive and sporty aftermarket exhaust for your Bronco, I have one for sale. Works with 2.3 or 2.7 exhaust systems. I easily bolted it on the first night I got my WildTrak (March 14th, 2022, 900 miles). Unfortunately, my SO is uncomfortable with the interior sound...
  3. The all new Electric Brawley

    Hmmmm... Reserve with just $100 down. Hope they don't follow the Ford model. Interesting artical: https://robbreport.com/motors/cars/vanderhall-brawley-electric-off-roader-1234652609/
  4. DELIVERY CHECKLIST (OCD Version) for Expectant Bronco Owners

    Here is a link to the OCD (Owners Delivery Checklist) that you can use/print-out when taking delivery of your new Bronco. The items in this list, all reported by Bronco6g members, are mainly Quality & Manf issues that can be seen during your acceptance. Members have been providing this list...
  5. 📝 UPDATE Dec 12th: My Letter to the Ford Executive Team: Submitted Customer Feedback Proposal and Response

    UPDATE DEC 12TH: Received another call this morning from the Ford Executive Office, advising me of their documented process to receive Customer Feedback. We are to contact the, CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP CENTER, AT 1-800-392-3673. For the 3rd time, I lobbied for a way to open communication...
  6. Bronco Maintenance Schedule

    Found this easy-to-read Maintenance Schedule put together by Lucas Ford: https://www.lucasmotorcompany.com/2021-ford-bronco-maintenance-burlington-nj.htm
  7. Washington Greenlane Offroad Offering 4"Tall Grill Guards

    Greenlane is offering a 4" tall grill guard, in addition to their 6" and 13" inch tall models. i am ordering the 4". Pics they e-mailed today of unfinished aluminum off 4" and 6" grill guards. Very reasonably priced. https://greenlaneoffroad.com/
  8. Broncos for Sale in Anacortes

    Frontier Ford in Anacortes has 2 mannequin Broncos for sale...both 4 doors. BL and BB. That's who I have my Day 2 reservation with.