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  1. Is ICON the only maker of hub centric 93.1 wheels?

    Welcome to lube techs not using a torque wrench. I went with the extended thread lug nuts like they use on Toyota trucks for aftermarket wheels, I liked the additional thread engagement. The ET wouldn’t stop this from happening, but I specifically demand my lugnuts are hand torqued on the...
  2. Hardest hitting subwoofer enclosure I’ve ever made (w/ design image and cut list)

    Looks awesome. I’m waiting for the Stealthbox as I’m unwilling to give up any space in the already small 2 door. My ARB fridge takes up a sizable amount of the space available with both rear seats removed.
  3. Lightweight winch/bumper combo

    The Aluminess approach angle (last picture) doesn’t look good. Compromises have to be made in design to get the winch lower. The JCR looks acceptable to me. I like that setup and would consider it, it’s cheap and effective with a good approach angle. With the Smittybuilt winch I’d be all in...
  4. Lightweight winch/bumper combo

    I have a 2 door Badlands non SAS high package and love the way it drives and handles. I’d like to add a winch for self recovery, but I’m concerned that adding an extra 100+ pounds on the front bumper will cause the front to drop on braking and could impact the feel of the steering. I have the...
  5. Upcoming 2024 Tacoma fully revealed in design images 📸

    Same here, we got one on a whim because my wife needed a vehicle and there was a cheap lease deal. Turns out that we both love the little truck. The lease is up in 14 months, not sure if we’ll get another or just have her drive the Bronco.
  6. LESS HATE, MORE LOVE GUYS (and ladies)

    That’s the problem with this country these days, everyone is so thin skinned they get upset at criticism. Some mods are lame, no way to sugar coat it. If people post up looking for group validation for their mods we have no duty to only complement or move on and say nothing. There is nothing...
  7. TORN between Warn and Icon front bumper, also Warn's

    I was actually looking at the old Warn M-8000. With synthetic line it’s very light at 55 pounds.
  8. NEW! Stage Series HitchMount LED Pod Kit | The BEST 5 Minute Mod!

    I used the adapter from Hotshot Offroad, no issues like than on mine. I have the Diode Dynamics harness to install later and on my chevy work truck.
  9. Mud Flaps: RokBlokz vs RekGen vs Mabett vs WeatherTech ?

    Not me! Mine is safe in the garage until all the salt is rinsed off the roads. My wife has a leased Tacoma and I have a work truck, so the Bronco can hibernate.
  10. Rally Armor Mud Flaps on Black Diamond

    They look decent, although very wide. I prefer the brackets on the Rokblokz, seems like an easier install.
  11. Question about the available OEM factory wheels/tires -

    There are decent aftermarket wheels that can be had for under $1500. I sold my stock Badlands wheels and BFG tires then bought new Method wheels and 285/75R17 tires, net cost was under $1500 for the upgrade. I’d save the $1000 on the factory upgraded wheels towards some aftermarket, then sell...
  12. 2024 Bronco Refresh?

    I don’t see them doing much, no need to increase costs while they are still selling every unit they can make.
  13. Anybody have rubbing? Leveled my Badlands with 35's

    I’m running +35mm methods with 285/75R17 (33.9” tall 11” wide) crash bars still installed and nothing rubs. I think 315/70R17 (most are 34.5” tall) on +35mm would fit ok just removing the crash bars. Here is mine, no lift with 285/75R17.
  14. HOSS 3.0 part numbers/cost?

    These Hoss 3.0 shocks would probably have less travel then the non SAS Badlands Bilsteins. I’m sure they ride better though.
  15. What do y’all think

    I guess I’m the only one here who thinks unsold Broncos will be sitting on lots as the recession gets worse through 2023? No way I’d be paying ADM right now.
  16. Bestop Sunrider Wind Noise

    Good tip. There are molded grab handles for this.
  17. 2022 Bronco Raptor 3.0L/418 HP, 31 Miles auctioned at $90,000 ?

    Heading into a recession the number of people with FU money looking to throw down on an expensive toy will diminish. It’s a great time to have cash on hand to snatch up the coming deals.
  18. Stealthbox for Bronco

    I agree that a single SKU with two brackets makes more sense. The extra brackets can‘t be more than a few bucks on a product that is likely 70% profit. Thinking about companies like Crutchfield only having to offer one single option for Broncos rather than another point of customer error for 2...
  19. Synthetic winch rope demystified

    I’m running the same synthetic cable on my utility winch since around 2005, and it was used when I bought the winch. It looks a little frayed, but hasn’t failed yet. I mainly use it for pulling vehicles onto a car trailer or pulling cut logs around, nothing really dangerous. The enemy of...
  20. Florida Scams

    I got scammed on a rifle scope mount, $125, a couple years back. The red flags were there, but I had gotten complacent. Lesson learned.