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  1. 5/23 Build Week

    Got mine 12 days ago!
  2. Sold 22 Tundra Limited Off Road for a...

    Non sas 285/70/17 = 33"
  3. Sold 22 Tundra Limited Off Road for a...

    Just the wheels and tires.
  4. Sold 22 Tundra Limited Off Road for a...

    It took 745 days for me. Picked up my Black Diamond last week and loving every minute of it. The 7 speed mt is so much fun to drive. While I loved my new Tundra, I don't need a second truck and didn't a steep payment for 7 years. I don't even miss it. I have an 05 Tundra that I will run as...
  5. Ultimate Black Diamond Non-Sasquatch pics thread

    Pretty sure it is. Was just watching an install video.
  6. 22 Price Protection Certificate

    My Bronco FINALLY came in over the weekend and I am scheduled for pickup Thursday, first thing. YAY! The Dealer Selling Price is $40,400 (and what was listed on the order sheet, as well as confirmed in text message). The sticker is $41,750 The Purchase Protection Certificate for my name...
  7. 5/23 Build Week

    Mine was built on 6/8 as well. There has to be something with the Broncos built on 6/8. Anyone else noticing this trend?
  8. My Tires Turned Blue

    I noticed this on my son's scooter, as well as my Polaris Ranger. Not sure if it has to do with the mud/heat but I haven't seen that until this year...
  9. 5/23 Build Week

    Same here. I am 126/860 on the 23rd.
  10. 5/23 Build Week

    Blend date of 5/23 with an anticipated ship date of 6/3 to 6/9/22! The trackers still have it "In Production", though.
  11. Did we break the backdoor link this morning already

    Not sure why people consider this a backdoor link/hack since it is the same page you go to when clicking My Account > Reservations and Orders > View This page requires you to be logged in.
  12. "Ready to Purchase" Status

    Done - he said he can send the DORA Thursday 12/9. Also said they are picking up the order Wednesday night (email from Ford).
  13. "Ready to Purchase" Status

    New member, long time scroller, first time posting. 2nd hour reservation holder. On October 15th, I "ordered" my 2022 Bronco via my Ford Online Account and paid $1000. My Ford Account states "Ready to Purchase" 10/20: Dealer states that my "window to order hasn't opened up yet - earliest I can...