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  1. Oracle Spare Tire Wheel Lights

    Has anyone used this in the Wildtrak? If so, any issues with it fitting?
  2. Anyone have this spider veins issue with MIC 2.0 hardtop?

    Anyone have this issue with the MIC 2.0 hardtop? Just saw this today and wondering if Ford will be replacing these and are aware of any MIC 2.0 issues?!
  3. Speaker Upgrade

    So we purchased Polk speakers for the rear; the only problem how do you get the speaker stay?! The Ford speakers was wide enough to drill in but these Polk ones are not as wide to hold. Any advice here?! Might have to get creative. The Polk speakers are on the left.
  4. First Oil Change at Dealer…disaster

    I just took the Bronco to the dealer for its 5000 mile oil change and tire rotation based on the warranty I bought. They did the oil change and failed to do a 5 tire rotation. Do you know the service manager told me most people don’t want the spare rotated. Like what dude, it’s standard and a no...
  5. Detailing Wildtrak

    Does anyone have any suggestions on how to make sure the roof top and the fender flares don’t get that ashy look after washing the car?
  6. Wildtrak Height Specs?

    Where can I find the height specs of the Wildtrak?! Having issues with garage clearance and do not want to destroy the vehicle!
  7. 2021 Bronco Wildtrak Remote Start

    I’ve noticed that when I use the remote start the a/c and heat settings can vary. Oh a cold morning, the seat heaters will come on to the max and the heat is at 72 but when I try to cool it off to 69 it is still pretty warm. I could not find a setting on this but does anyone know if this can be...
  8. Fixed: 2021 Bronco Wildtrak had defective coil [car showed CEL and started vibrating]

    I must share that I have only had my Bronco for a week and I’m driving on the interstate and the check engine light comes on with the malfunction indicator lamp warning. The car starts to vibrate and I’m just praying that I make it home at this point. Took it to the dealer the next day (which...