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  1. 2.3 Exhaust preference

    Like a louder Focus RS with more drone. Lot's a pops a burbles driving around town and drone on highway.
  2. INCOMING: Driveshaft Recall (Customer Satisfaction Program 22B27) - replacement needed to avoid cracked boot

    Care to elaborate on what's going on? NM the rest of the thread just loaded
  3. A VERY VERY Basic Primer on Electricity

    Cherenkov radiation, aka the forbidden night light, is super cool. I think it's the best "sci-fi" part of nuke power. After the primary loop it's pretty much your plain Jane steam powered turbines.
  4. Broncos Not Selling —> Dealers Moving (Broncos) to Auction?

    Didn't watch the video, but I'm not surprised if sales stalled. Passed a local dealer yesterday and they had about 20 prominently on the lot and I thought that seemed like a lot, joked to my wife they probably have $20K markup. Checked their website and average ADM was around $18k. Maybe...
  5. Post your 2.3L Bronco Ford Performance Calibration Tune review

    Somewhere between maybe 6 or 7 times. Love everything else on the tune but it seems to have made my 4 door default to 2 door tank size. Not a big deal in the grand scheme but it triggers my OCD when it tells me I'm less than 50 miles to empty and there's 6 gallons in the tank still. My guess is...
  6. Post your 2.3L Bronco Ford Performance Calibration Tune review

    I think it messed with my fuel level readout. From a little over 1/8 tank fuel it takes 13.4 gallons in my last fill up to hit full. It should be closer to 17 gallons... Gauge probably also thinks it's 2 door levels. Nice job testing this one Ford...
  7. Drop a Picture of Your Bronco for a Rating

    Gotta keep it cla$$y.... stolen from the 6g Facebook
  8. Dogs and Kids

    *unpopular opinion* Leave the family and take a road trip with just you the dog:sneaky:
  9. Bronco Wildtrak MPG

    Do you mean 85 Octane regular? The high altitude regular? E85 is VASTLY different (85% ethanol 15% gas). No, you can only run E15 maximum (15% ethanol). Consult your owners manual.
  10. Imploded front diff and transfer case

    OP you can't just post your front diff and transfer case imploded without posting carnage pictures. Don't be a tease.
  11. Block Heater Cord

    @redone17 I have a 7 speed. Pretty weird there's 2 different p/n for Auto vs Manual. I can't picture any real reason for a difference.
  12. Block Heater Cord

    It's a little hard to get good shots but hopefully these help Wire goes down just in front of the air box And picks up on the other side as the one with the white lable that transitions to foil wrapping.
  13. I flipped my Bronco about 5 or 6 times

    I'm not going to get into the number of flips it did but there was enough force to rip the axle out and basically leave the other wheels hanging... I feel qualified to quantify that took a metric f***ton of force. Key thing is the "cage" and bags did their job admirably. Sucks but in the end...
  14. PSA: Beauty Ring Bolts -- Removal Issues & Replacement Cost - BE AWARE!

    Body shop had to replace one of my wheels due to a brand new driver who only had their license two weeks ramming me. I damn near had an aneurysm when I saw the quote for a single wheel at $2k+. Ford really reams you when you buy in singles I should have offered $600 more and got 4 extras...
  15. Interior noise / NVH ?

    I also have no problem with Bluetooth conversations on the highway doing usually 75, 4Dr Badlands with MIC top and rack. You can hear wind noise but it's not the noisiest vehicle ever. Radio is perfectly clear at vol level 7-8. That said I ran no muffler for months and just did the Ford...
  16. A VERY VERY Basic Primer on Electricity

    This is precisely why I became an ME. I'd rather deal with the fact my Bronco is in motion while parked.
  17. INCOMING: Driveshaft Recall (Customer Satisfaction Program 22B27) - replacement needed to avoid cracked boot

    Reading some of the service horror stories I was readying myself for a potential fight when I went in for routine maintenance this morning and was going to bring this up. I didn't even get a chance to mention it. Service manager brought it up as soon as they pulled my vehicle info up and said...
  18. 2021 BRONCO 1st edition ROLLOVER ISO PARTS

    You missed one... -New Bronco Oooof that hurts to look at. Are you going for new parts or take offs? A few members here can get you the P/N's to order. But I don't know about that new cab part..... Edit: You should clarify cab. Are you talking the MIC hardtop or the actual structural steel...
  19. Post your 2.3L Bronco Ford Performance Calibration Tune review

    I have the same issue getting shorted about 80 miles. Was that a pretty easy value to find in FORScan for editing? I didn't seen anything tagged on the spreadsheet, but it also hasn't been updated for months. Pretty annoying considering it's an official Ford product.
  20. On board battery maintainer

    So he can tell people he has a prototype plug in hybrid Bronco and park in the EV only spaces at the front of the malls. OP is playing 4D chess.