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  1. 37k outstanding unscheduled Bronco orders as of Jan 25, 2023

    Maybe the difference is reservation holder order conversions versus the total number of orders?
  2. How do I know if a Ford dealer is "bigger" than another one?

    My only data point was from last year when I asked a similar question. "My dealer said" their original first-year Bronco allocation assigned to them by Ford was right at about 200 units.........which they never actually got, but at least it was something to go off of. A dealer here on B6G...
  3. Jeep is more affordable

    Back late last summer before I got my build date, I seriously was thinking of abandoning my Bronco order......day 3 reservation and all that. At that time, I looked at getting a Jeep Rubicon that I tried to price with as close to the same build as I could to my loaded Bronco SAS Badlands. NOT...
  4. Ridge Grappler vs. Recon Grappler

    Cannot give you a comparison, but I went with the Recons. Price, availability, and use were all a factor for me. I will not do much extreme wheeling as my Bronco is also my daily driver. I have had BFGs and Hankook Dynapro on previous vehicles (Nissan Xterra and Jeep XJ)......and the Badlands...
  5. Colorado SAS Wheel Take Offs For sale

    Sold on 1/21/2023........ $2150 Previous offers at $1200, $1500, $1500, $1800, $1800.
  6. Anyone know where this thing goes?

    Couldn't resist......
  7. ERUPTION GREEN Bronco Club

    Mine sat for more than 70 days at MAP after built.........took almost 2 weeks to get from MAP to Chicago but only a week from Chicago to my driveway in Denver........90 days total after built.
  8. Thoughts from current owners about the current ordering situation?

    Relief. Relief that I finally have my bronco after being a 3rd day reservation holder and waiting almost 870 days to get it. Lucky. Lucky I got built with many of the constraints........2D (MIC), SAS, LUX. I am guessing mine might be a bit rare for this early vintage for a while.....not that...
  9. Reviews wanted on Expedition One Rear bumper with tire carrier

    Excellent.....muchas gracias! What lights did you end up going with?
  10. Rear Bumper show off thread

    Any idea what the Metal-Tech might cost? They are wanting me to submit a quote request rather than having a published price on their website.
  11. Reviews wanted on Expedition One Rear bumper with tire carrier

    Anyone know if this bumper can fit without interference with the factory tow plug assembly? It says it accommodates the stock receiver hitch, but not sure if that means tow plugs as well. Website doesn't seem to be that specific. Looks like their current offering has addressed relocation of...
  12. Bronco Team 2 door.

    Very nice! I love my 2D EG Badlands, but every time I see the white I question my color choice. I still love the green, but I think the white is a close second. When I ordered mine in early 2021, however, I blew off the white as just too plain and really didn't consider it hardly at all.
  13. FDRS users out there?

    Just a quick question. My son is a Ford certified technician that works at a specialty shop.....not a dealer. They are an authorized service shop that only does factory warranty and repairs for all the major brands, but they specialize in diesel pickups only. He has FDRS and so I took my '22...
  14. Fullscreen Apple CarPlay OTA Update Coming Soon! - Per Ford (Mike Levine)

    Totally stoked that mine updated today as well..........MY22 Badlands. Power-Up 3.5.3.......
  15. The hand screw is awesome!! A great solution for mud flaps to quick release.

    Rokblokz are WAY ugly and from the videos I have watched, not nearly as easy to install and take off. These look to be much more substantially anchored..........oh, and also a fraction (~1/3) of the cost of Rokblokz.
  16. The hand screw is awesome!! A great solution for mud flaps to quick release.

    These look better than all the others I have seen. Thanks for turning us on to them. From the video, I can confirm one thing. I have a MY22 Badlands Sasquatch and it is true that the front crash-bar doesn't exist. Therefore, the two bolts are non-existent that hold that inner bracket on...
  17. *** 💰 New Member's Marketplace / Classifieds Section Rules ***

    Is this just moving forward or is the expectation that any older ad that is still active be brought into compliance with the new rules? I have an active add and wondering if I need to post new picture to comply with Rule #2
  18. *** 💰 New Member's Marketplace / Classifieds Section Rules ***

    Go to the main forums page and scroll down. There are two market place areas.....one for users and one for sponsors. Once there, it is broken down by categories.
  19. Poll Question: How well do stubby antennas work on your Bronco?

    Based on better reviews than most "stubby" type antennas.......and because made here in the USA........I bought the CravenSpeed original "Stubby" antenna. I have tried it for the last three weeks and I had to go back to the stock OEM antenna. I really hate satellite radio and stream most of my...