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  1. Badlands ride as soft as SAS?

    The squishy-soft ride of a SAS would be a great upgrade for my Bender. I’m wondering if the shock valving in the Badlands shocks is the same as in the SAS shocks.
  2. Making the Pinch-Weld ‘disappear’

    Bought some spray-in Bedliner and some blue painter’s tape. The results are fabulous (IMO). The truck looks higher because the painted body isn’t as low. I also coated that big control arm bolt, which will otherwise be a rusty eyesore in a year. The matte & rough surface of the truck bed...
  3. Capable Bumper envy - anyone have pics/review?

    I got by Blue Bender a couple days ago. I LOVE it, but have some genuine envy of the look of the Capable Bumper. So much so, I'm considering flipping my Bender and ordering a '22/23 Black Diamond in Cyber Orange. Does anyone have non-rendered pics or reviews of the new bumper?
  4. Do soft top wrinkles flatten / straighten out in sun?

    For those who have some sun/miles on their soft top, do the side window wrinkles straighten themselves out once the top has some sun exposure? I want o get a second Bronco with the convertible top (Florida). I want to be able to see the wild I-95 traffic clearly.
  5. Ideal model to buy for doing rentals on Turo?

    My first Bronco is going to arrive next week (2-Door Velocity Blue Bender). I'm going to order a second Bronco mainly to use as a Turo rental property (and also to use myself when it isn't being rented). As a slight clarification, in November '21 I ordered a 2-Door Cyber Orange Basequatch...
  6. Black Diamond vs Badlands MGV comfort

    I’m going to order a second Bronco, and likely rent out my BigBend. I keep hearing great things about the MGV interior. Is there any structural difference between the BD’s front seats and the Badlands’ front seats? Is one considerably more comfortable than the other?
  7. Nitto Dune Grappler vs Ridge Grappler

    The temptation to put big-ish tires on my Big Bender has proven too much. I'm going to get 18"x9" Method Race Wheels 312's and I'm going with 285/65R18 tires. I like the Nittos for the entertaining (non-boring) tread designs and good reviews. Ridge Grapplers are well loved on the Forum, but...
  8. Leveling by lowering the rear by 3/4" instead of raising the front

    I'm a sports car guy, who loves the mud, too. Having a somewhat tighter fender/wheel gap (what happens when people put bigger tires on without lifting) looks really good. So, for those who want to have a fast on-road truck (with factory off-road chops); this is what I propose: Get 1"...
  9. One-Wheel-Drive on road concerns

    I just drove an Explorer (boring) - and I kept spinning the inside rear wheel while accelerating out of corners. And then engine power gets cut...no fun. I’ve spec’d a standard transmission with the 4.27 locking rear diff; but that’s only for rare off-road use. Does the Advanced 4x4 allow us...
  10. Removing the 3rd Eye (BB / OBX)

    I love the large grill openings of the Big Bend and Outer Banks. Just like sports car guys despise fake vents (ahem - Supra), the grill flapper to improve highway efficiency just looks icky. I understand the engineering, but since I’ll be upgrading my 2.7L I want to get as much sir to the...
  11. Pod Lights (or roof lights) - are Aux Switches required?

    I love the Rigid Pod lights ($650). I want to order these and utilize the wiring in the rearview mirrors for these. One thing that isn't clear, is does a switch for the lights magically show up somewhere...which would happen if it was a 'regular' option? I'd love a magically-appearing switch...