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  1. Entertaining Off-road Cheap Truck Challenge (Bronco, S10, Land Rover, and More)

    Pretty entertaining video. I happened to come across this by YouTube recommendations. See you don't need Sasquatch, you just need balls of steel and some big tires. In all seriousness, in multiple spots you can tell how much lockers would have helped. Old Bronco holds up well S-10 Driver...
  2. Bronco spotted at dealership

    My wife went to do an oil swap and came across a service agent that let her see the new bronco, not sport. No video was allowed and she was able to see the inside. Dealerships should have them soon if not already for dealer training. Based on interrogation it sounded like a 4 door squatched...
  3. Auto Transmission Discussion - Theory

    I don't think the Auto Transmission issues with B&P are actually a bug but more like Ford wanting to simplify their build process.... Secondly, I think they underestimated the manual transmission demand and can't produce enough for 2021. Change my mind.
  4. Monochromatic Colors...Stand Apart From The Crowd

    I was pretty deadset on iconic silver after a close race between velocity blue but my mind has been changed. A few members mentioned they feel like their red, blue, (insert color) car stands out in a sea of monochromatic colors and now that's all I see. I can't unsee it, colored cars are like...
  5. Impressive Bronco Sport Off-Road Testing Video From Moab

    Just spotted these posted as I opened Youtube. Enjoy! Edit: Damn, I thought it was going to be all Bronco's , just the sport is shown. No chair throws please. They are pushing that sport more than 99.9% of crossover, crazy. Video...