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  1. Pennsylvania SW Pennsylvania fender flares $200

    They are the base fender flares that came with my regular black diamond two door. Ran them for about 12k. Norman scruffs and dings. Can ship at your expense or meet up within reason. They are packed in the same box my sas flares came in. Pennsylvania mud and dirt comes at no additional cost. (...
  2. Goat mode cap/cover

    So I was on a short trail today. It was mostly very light mud, ruts and creek crossings and I had the dog with me. He likes riding in the bronco more than I do. He gets so pumped that he starts jumping from the front to the back, over the center console, sticking his head out the windows. Today...
  3. GM threatens action against any dealerships attempting markups

    https://www.silveradoevolution.com/forum/threads/gm-to-dealers-no-silverado-ev-dealer-markups-or-lose-your-allocation.6485/ From the GM president: "Unfortunately, it has come to our attention that in connection with some of these announcements and launches, a small number of Dealers have...
  4. Pennsylvania SW Pennsylvania WTB squatch or BL wheels

    Looking for squatch or badlands wheels with or without tires. Located in SW Pennsylvania. Will drive within reason.
  5. Pennsylvania WTB SW Pennsylvania 2dr squatch shocks

    Looking for squatch takeoffs for my 2dr black diamond. Located in Southwestern Pennsylvania