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  1. Dual Jerry can holders - options?

    Am looking for dual Jerry can holders, that can be locked. Not going to be on my Bronco but on my off road camper, mounted to the diamond plate fender. Have seen some interesting concepts but want to see what everyone is running. Can anyone ID this can carrier?
  2. 37s and MPG from 35s. Any regrets going with 37s?

    Thinking of going with 37s on my Wildtrak. I am averaging about 18.6 MPG right now. What are you getting with 37s? Anyone have regrets going to 37s? This is my daily driver and will be used for overlanding, pulling a teardrop camper and some wheeling.
  3. Colorado Springs Big Bend

    Carmax in Colorado Springs has a Red Big Bend for sale
  4. Dealer warning from Ford and GM.

    Ford And GM Are Now Warning Shrewd Car Dealers For High Price Markups (msn.com)
  5. GMSR antenna mounts

    Ordered my Midland radio and am looking for options on where and how to mount the antenna. I am thinking A pillar is best. What options are out there?
  6. Front end making moaning sound when going over bumps

    I noticed my Wildtrak start making moaning sounds whenever I go over bumps. Even the smallest bump it makes a moaning sound. I can make it moan while coasting and applying the brakes quickly. I think it is the shocks or bushings but the dealer can't pinpoint the issue. Has anyone else noticed...
  7. 11 States 4867 miles 51 full size, 80 Baby Broncos

    Saw 51 full size, and 80 Baby Broncos, 4 previous generation Broncos on the trip. Breakdown by State; CO- 4 FS, 1 BB, 0 OB KS - 6 FS, 6 BB, 2 OB MO - 5 FS, 11 BB, 0 OB IL - 3 FS, 5 BB, 0 OB KY- 3 FS (2 @ Dealer), 4 BB, 0 OB TN- 7 FS, 8 BB, 0 OB NC- 1 FS, 9 BB, 1 OB SC - 2 FS, 14 BB, 0 OB VA- 10...
  8. 11 States, 4867 miles

    Drove through 11 states, 91 and 1/2 hours for 4867 miles and had no issues. Even was able to get my Colorado Bronco's feet wet in the Atlantic, at Port Royal, SC! Got Bronc'd at a BBQ cook off in Madison, AL too.
  9. Spouse's reaction to A Jeep

    Anyone else have a spouse that reacts negatively to a Jeep either in front of you or trying to pass you and yells to kick those turbos in???? Full disclosure, I used to own an 87 Wangler so she has been in both!
  10. Anyone think this is weird or just me?

    Why is it showing the drivers door ajar when it says Passenger? Not like it is hard to code it......
  11. Engineers got it right!

    They are genius'! Now if the Wendy's Polynesian sauce fits, they will be elevated to Gods! Photo is McDonalds BBQ sauce for reference!
  12. covering pinch weld with PPF

    Has anyone done this wrap? What are the implications for drainage? I was thinking black PPF from the bottom of my WildTrak vinyl to around the pinch weld.