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  1. RhinoUSA kinetic rope

    I ordered this yesterday and everything except my soft shackles was here this morning when I got up for breakfast. Wow. Looks good quality, lifetime warranty and a pretty decent bag. Rope is 7/8 x 20’ I also got a spare tire trash holder because we always end up with a trash bag in the truck...
  2. Cashes valley meets ATL traffic

    We went out to cashes valley today. Before the first crossing we run across a Cherokee and Chevy truck and end up becoming default trail buddies with them. When we reached the cemetery there were 16 jeeps there and then about a dozen Toyota trucks showed up. On the way out another group was...
  3. She gets a little squirrelly on hard acceleration

    Now that I have the procal tune and exhaust I have noticed if I get hard on the throttle I have provide steering input to keep her straight. I'm not a suspension guy so I'm not sure what I'm looking for here. I have noticed that if I am at highway speeds and hammer down the rear end of the truck...
  4. Factory inspection marks?

    When we picked up our bronco I noticed the tires had an almost Cancer zodiac like 69 on them so of course I was like “nice” but when I did the exhaust I noticed 69s under the truck too. Did we luck into qc inspector 69?
  5. Fogs and spots put in today

    Installed some tiny cube spots and dd ss3 pro driving, ss2 pro fogs in white and amber.
  6. Flowmaster outlaw installed -video

    So loud…can hear the intake now, it’s kinda ridiculous how they choked the factory exhaust. Video added
  7. DD fog kit from 4x4TruckLEDs, shout out

    We just got our fog kit. I went with SS3 pro driving, SS2 pro white Fog, SS2 pro amber fog. I will install friday or this weekend if weather permits. I have to say the harness is top notch, great job guys, looks like the work will be super easy with the harness already built and very...
  8. A pillar lights from superbrightLED

    We installed these today, m2m bracket, superbrightLED lights. I figured wth not, for $99. They feel solid and look decent. I misplaced a connector and didn’t want to cut the dt plug so we’ll check at home as we’re at our vacation house. Light link...
  9. My other money pit pony

    This is Melissa, she's my 1966 Mustang coupe. I have had her since 1993. She was originally springtime yellow and was repainted with a cheapass paintjob while I was in boot camp. She's a 289 2bbl with straight pipe exhaust and glasspacks. I drove her from 1994 to 1998 when I bought a Porsche...
  10. Fort Pickens to pick up my veterans pass

    Ran up to fort Pickens to pick up our lifetime veteran pass for national parks. Always love coming here, neat basically being below sea level driving
  11. Speakers are here

    So cute Dayton 3.5" mid Dayton 3/4" tweeter Gold wood 6.5
  12. Sub install that will likely be an incredible waste of time and money

    I guess I like doing things the hard way. I've been looking at threads where folks have their side panels off and I think there is plenty of room in there to build an enclosure that won't take any of the limited space of the two door. I see the factory sub and similar installs but I don't even...
  13. 1st outing fsr630 to lake conasuaga

    We came up to our vacation house in north Georgia so we could enjoy some off-road action. I used Gaia to make the path, using forest service road 630 to the lake, and then conasuaga lake road out. it’s been raining from the tropical storm so not a great day, as we got higher it got foggier and...
  14. Installed our tailgate table last night

    One of the amazon Chinese specials. This one has a MOLLE grate so I picked it. They are listed under many names with various prices but I can assure you they're the same. Pros- It's a table It's quiet It's got MOLLE I'll use it this weekend so will have a little better understanding, but I...
  15. Removing back trim on two door

    Does anyone have any pictures of what the frame looks like behind the massive trim panel that appears to go the entire length of the truck? Pushing on it it feels like there is a lot of room back there and I might build a sub enclosure on one of the sides if it's possible but it also appears...
  16. Wife’s EG 2 door. magnums installed

    I figured I'd start one of these since we're planning on several mods and have some parts already ordered. Stuff done so far: Sealed kick panels and installed sound deadening for future woofer install Added console box upper panel (mabett) Tint- Autobahn i3 front windows (windshield, doors)...
  17. Tint done yesterday

    Forgot to take a pic yesterday. Autobahn i3 on fronts and windshield, seems to match the back well.
  18. The start of decrapifying our sound system

    I’m waiting for some funds to get the gear but I went ahead and ordered the kicker key because they seem to be disappearing. I plan on doing the bi-amp method and just running fronts on the amp. still undecided on the kick panel speakers but they will be dedicated woofers. Infinity reference...
  19. Anyone in the Milton/Pensacola area?

    My parents and sister still live there and we're planning on coming down for Thanksgiving. I know from my youth there are plenty of dirt roads but is there anywhere particularly fun we should try to hit?
  20. So what is "it" about the Bronco (for you)?

    I got to drive the wife's today and it's just fun. I'm not sure what it is, but I enjoy driving it. My BMW is way faster, way more comfortable, way fancier and better tech and while I wouldn't permanently trade her, I've already made a deal to drive it the rest of the week so there is something...