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  1. Burrito Cooker via manifold cooking

    Can you post a link to order please? Will there be a gen6 discount code as well?
  2. Installed Single ARB Compressor in the Trunk / Cargo Area

    How loud is it inside with doors closed and compressor running? Does it sound like it's solidly mounted or is there some wobble/rattle? T.I.A.
  3. Geo

    The Broncos of Virginia(s)

    Welcome!!! In Roanoke.
  4. How to DIY install an ARB Compressor in a Ford Bronco (+GIVEAWAY!)

    Just started following on Facebook. Been drooling for a twin compressor. Win the bracket, must buy a compressor...great plan!
  5. B&O System - Looking to Upgrade

    JL marine pods, rockford Fosgate amp, stinger sub on rear door.
  6. B&O System - Looking to Upgrade

    Get a New Amp, a DSP, and New Speakers. This will be an improvement. Next level improvement is a new subwoofer. HUGE improvement will be new pods in rear with quality speakers. I have different "tuned settings" based on 1. Roof off, 2. Roof on, 3. Roof off with pods rear facing. Have fun!
  7. SiriusXM Cutting Out

    One of the first things I did was upgrade the sound system. Stinger base on rear door, amp, new speakers all the way around. Volume is not my issue. I've also had the rear top off since May. I just wish XM was reliable.
  8. SiriusXM Cutting Out

    My 2 door has the same issue. Are you all 4 door owners?
  9. Any reviews of the cockpit cover?

    I don't remember the number. They both look the same to me. Update: I did have a major storm blow in. Water pooled big time....but that 303 spray did the trick. No leaks.
  10. Any reviews of the cockpit cover?

    No doors and no top. Took them off for the summer. I use mine regularly. Sprayed it with 303 waterproof in April. It's been through many thunderstorms and heavy rains. No leaks. Front mirrors are tight to get on but no real issues. My light bar is probably the cause.
  11. Geo

    The Broncos of Virginia(s)

    In Roanoke myself. Enjoy your ride...they are HUGE fun.
  12. B&O System - Looking to Upgrade

    I'm interested in the VEX pods you mentioned. Any idea how I could get a picture of their placements?
  13. Clutch Failure @ 1000mi (2.3L 7MT Black Diamond 4dr) - Anyone else?

    Any updates? Find anything within the transmission?
  14. Geo

    The Broncos of Virginia(s)

    I'm looking for a plastic bumper with fogs and wiring harness. You upgrading your bumper soon?
  15. 2.3L EcoBoost Manual Transmission slight grind noise at idle

    Mine has been in for service since 3/7. They can't get the sound replicated. I gave them a recording. They can't fix what they can't replicate.