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  1. Send It Saturday! Post your 📸

  2. Send It Saturday! Post your 📸

    That was the only air I caught today. (Compressor underneath) lol 😆
  3. Send It Saturday! Post your 📸

  4. RTR Event at Texas Speed Factory - Flower Mound, TX.

    Hell yeah, see yall tomorrow!
  5. B&O sound system complete upgrade - Done ✅

    Finally got around to this, @Ksjrb03, huge thanks for the write up man. Super happy with the results. Its been 10+ years since I have wired an amp, the Key is so nice to not have to fool around with a remote wire.
  6. Lightweight rooftop tent RTT by Inspired Overland -- review & photos

    Picked one of these up after SEMA, they had it on sale for 1299 shipped. Have yet to test it out other than opening it on the garage floor but it looks nice.
  7. How many miles should be on your bronco when you receive

    No Bueno. Mine had 6. That's over a tank of fuel even.
  8. 2023 Azure Gray Metallic Bronco Raptor ... picked up this beautiful beast

    Almost looks like a metallic A51 in the sunny photos. I love the color.
  9. Texas JL Audio C1-400X - SOLD

    Been waiting for one of these local. I can pick up tomorrow or Sunday if you are free and still have it available.
  10. Head on collision report - we walked away OK from our destroyed Bronco Badlands Sasquatch

    Wow so sorry for your bronco but glad your family is safe. Granbury is my neck of the woods too.
  11. Moab Bronco Safari 2023 Scheduled For May 2-6

    Count me as interested!
  12. AR | Roof Rack Project

    I knew you guys would come through with something beautiful. By spring is my hope. Something to match my post machine magnums? 🤔 I'm on board for the ride.
  13. AR | Roof Rack Project

    Pit crew coming through with the hottness. Happy Thanksgiving all!
  14. @obxbronco BUILD

    Hell yeah, wheel twins! Looks awesome in silver!
  15. AR | Roof Rack Project

    Any renders yet? Been holding out on buying trailrax for black Friday if they even mark theirs down. But I'd much rather give AR more of my money since I'm sure I'll love what you make.
  16. Michigan WTB Badlands/Wild track front grille

    I have my stock badlands with camera in the attic I'd be willing to part with. I went with the RTR right after purchasing my bronco. How much you thinking?
  17. Trailrax Real World Reviews?

    Been watching to see if they have a deal on it for black Friday. It looks great. Probably pull the trigger after Thanksgiving regardless but hopefully get a little price break. Ordered a RTT today, inspiredoverland.com has theirs on sale 1299 shipped.
  18. Texas AR BYOD Rail $150

    Nope still have it.