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  1. MIC Hardtop Rear Window - tinted from factory?

    I think the base model has no tint and the rest do. Not positive.
  2. Fullscreen Apple CarPlay OTA Update Coming Soon! - Per Ford (Mike Levine)

    Got the update and noticed a glitch with CarPlay is no longer there. Prior to this update my music would cut and skip if I was using any map in CarPlay. There was also a noticeable improvement when I closed the map apps. Now the maps don’t interfere with the music and the stereo sounds better.
  3. Update: Cracking 2.0 MIC Hard Top Replaced Under Warranty

    After reading this thread I went out to look at mine. That’s the driver’s side also.
  4. Seadek as an alternative to other MIC sound deadening headliner options?

    I’ve use it on boats. Very durable and easy to work with. Interesting idea but no idea how it might work for sound deadening. Also there are many professional installers who use paper to make templates then cut the product in their shop. Once they get a pattern then can save it...
  5. A2B conversion options for B&O?

    Has anyone had any experience with mobridge equipment? It looks like this one component does A2b conversion, multi channel amp, and dsp. I assume this takes the place of the B&O amplifier. https://www.wirelessaircard.com/mobridge-a2b-8-1-1-ford-amp/ This and the JL Stealth box ( not yet...
  6. 4” speaker upgrade , focal, hertz, Audison, etc

    I tried the infinity reference and found the tweeters too harsh. Replaced with alpine s and while not as efficient they sound far better than the infinity speakers. If you are adding a sub the alpine’s are efficient enough.
  7. Interior noise / NVH ?

    The faster you go the louder it gets. Definitely can’t use Bluetooth for a phone conversation on the freeway.
  8. Retro themed 2Door Eruption Green basequatch progress

    That looks great with those wheels.
  9. Tire chains purchases begun

    🤜 thanks
  10. Tire chains purchases begun

    That picture says it all. Did you happen to check the back?
  11. Tire chains purchases begun

    Curious why the owners manual says only install chain on the following size tires: 275/70 r 16 and 275/75 r 17?
  12. Bronco First Edition B&O Sound System Makeover

    I’m considering something similar. I’m trying to understand the zen. It can output to analog or digital. If you go digital you will lose the factory fader. Are there any other functions that differ between the two. Did you choose digital because it’s a cleaner signal?
  13. MCInfantry build…. 2 door EG Bug Out Bronco

    Very nice looking wheels and tires. Is your Badlands a Sasquatch? Also how do those tires compare to the stock for road noise?
  14. Who's built and installed a factory roof rack? need opinions on my 2 options

    I took a measurement of the installed rack. Not sure if this is helpful
  15. Who's built and installed a factory roof rack? need opinions on my 2 options

    So fully assembled and both clamps open all the way and they won’t slide down into the grooves? Are you sure you have to clamps open all the way?
  16. Who's built and installed a factory roof rack? need opinions on my 2 options

    Hmm it does look like you have the orientation of the rear bar correct. Can you put the whole rack together and then drop it in place then tighten up the hooks with the triangle tool?