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  1. Front External Reservoir mounting with JKS Max Tire clearance kit?

    I have a set of the RadFlo Extended travel suspension kit with Total Chaos UCAs ordered. I see a lot of people mounting their front external reservoirs from their aftermarket coil overs to the factory crash bar mounts. The JKS Max tire kit eliminates the mount for the most part, so I'm curious...
  2. Chicagoland Broncos group last outing of 2022

    In Lemont, IL on 12/30. https://www.facebook.com/groups/chicagolandbroncosgroup/?ref=share_group_link
  3. Read this before buying a True Ford Raptor Grill

    I did a video on this as well, but wanted to make sure everyone knows before they drop $500+ on one of these that the plastic plate requires some extreme cutting in order to work. The plastic plate for the actual Raptor grill would negate this, but it is on back order with no release in site...
  4. JL Audio Marine Speaker upgrade to the rear of the Bronco

    Saw these on another Bronco at the Silver Lake Bronco Takeover in August. Video review of them on our channel here:
  5. Looking for photos with the 1.5” body lift

    Been going back and forth about adding the 1.5” body lift kit from Bronc Buster but am on the fence about the gaps it creates between the bumpers and the body. Those of you who have already installed it, can you post some front and back photos for us Who aren’t sure if we can live with it or...
  6. What 1” body lift kits are out there?

    What 1” body lift kits are out there? I’ve only seen the 1.5” from Broncbuster which I’m seriously considering. Google isn’t much help either.
  7. Gap filler for ADD Rear bumper

    I just installed the ADD Stealth Fighter rear bumper on the Bronco only to be surprised by the very significant gap between the bumper and the back of the vehicle. Wasn't aware of this prior to purchasing and feel this is a risk for those of us with dogs getting in/out of the back with a hot...
  8. Fire Extinguisher Mounting in the Bronco - Show Your Installs

    I just posted a video of my setup here. Anyone else done something similar?
  9. Roof top awning option for the Soft Top

    Just tried out the MoonShade awning on my 4dr Badlands and it worked exceptionally well. I bought it over a year ago to use on the old 4Runner and glad I kept it now!
  10. Midlands MXT575 Mounting ideas???

    Just got back from our honeymoon and now getting around to getting caught up on mods. I currently have the MXT275 mounted inside of my center console, but I highly doubt the MXT575 will fit in there. The 575 dwarfs the 275 for obvious reasons. Just curious if anyone else has the MXT575 for...
  11. Favorite YouTube channels for Bronco/offroad/overlanding content?

    For those that like to watch Bronco related content, let's start a Bronco YouTube page reference thread. Everyone is encouraged to subscribe to all these pages to support their efforts of providing content for years to come. Please add yours!!! I'll start with mine: Bird Dog Overland...
  12. WTF did I just watch? Bronco vs TRX vs Raptor vs Tundra vs Titan, Tug-of-War!!!

    I expected Bronco to be last, what a surprise!
  13. Anyone running 37X13.5r17 BFG KM3s?

    Discount tire has the 12.5” version on back order and am wondering if these would work with stock Sasquatch wheels and the 3” zone adventure lift kit (being installed tomorrow)? This kit is 3” over Sasquatch, same as 4” over non-Sasquatch. I’m not opposed to using Bora 1” wheel spacers (hub...
  14. Rear Locker not working due to solenoid

    Well, had my first service visit today. I kept getting drivetrain dash light errors when trying to turn on the rear locker. Went to the dealership today and they say there is a solenoid in the rear end assembly that is malfunctioning. Good news is that the read end is still fully functional...
  15. Bronco Super Celebration @ Wisconsin July 6th-9th, 2022

    Starting a thread for this event by Bronco Driver Magazine. If you're going, thinking about going, or just interested in general this could be a good resource. http://www.broncodriver.com/index.php/events/bronco-super-celebration-wisconsin/ Note: I'm not affiliated with the event or the...
  16. Maxtrax mounting options with a soft top Bronco

    I've only seen one viable option so far with the American Adventure Lab, but it's a little bulky if all you're wanting to do is go off-roading with your traction boards. Anyone have a different product or idea they are using or planning to use?
  17. Cactus Jack from Bird Dog Overland

    [○- ʙ ʀ ᴏ ɴ ᴄ ᴏ -○] 2021 4dr Badlands w/Sasquatch and Lux packages in Cactus Gray Delivered on 1/4/22. Mods completed LasFit lighting 32" Light bar (mounted on the front Bumper, removed with Winch Plate install) 2 sets of LasFit Lighting 3” pod lights Fog lights LasFit Lighting 3" pod lights...
  18. Cactus Gray decals?

    Just curious if anyone has found a custom decal shop that offers Cactus gray as a color?
  19. Die cast model Broncos?

    Why are there only 2dr ones in the 1/18 and 1/24 scales? :(
  20. Bronco Christmas throw pillows at Home Depot!

    Found these and ordered 2! I know they are not 6g, but cool none the less. https://www.homedepot.com/p/Home-Accents-Holiday-18-in-Happy-Holidays-Vintage-SUV-Holiday-Square-Pillow-21AR07368/316122071?MERCH=REC-_-rv_thankyou_rr-_-316122071-_-316122071-_-N