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  1. MIC Hard Top Wind Noise Reduction - 2023 Edition - Plus Bonus Fix for Bad Adhesive

    I will never remove the roof panels so i might just silicon the seams and see if that works .
  2. Wiper control speed issues URGENT SAFETY

    Same here 2022 Badlands . I have to keep changing the wiper mode switch to keep them going .
  3. Need Help with steering wheel shaking after 3" lift with 37s

    Driveshaft !!! You lifted a perfectly good rig 3" the driveshaft must be altered .
  4. build week 10/24

    I used Downtown ford of Sacramento.
  5. build week 10/24

    Anyone in this group still waiting. My bronco is in port Richmond awaiting a truck to bring it to the dealer still.
  6. Unofficial Awaiting Shipping thread.

    When I call the CSX trace line all i get is minimal info like , Loaded , Train arrival , and the latest Delivered . But no state or town info . I am in northern CA .
  7. Help! Dealer went out of business

    What Dealer I am in Ca also awaiting my delivery .
  8. build week 10/24

    My Train just departed from the origin headed to NorCal 11/15 .
  9. build week 10/24

    Just got the email 10/27 blend. It's on a train heading to CA.
  10. build week 10/24

    10/27 blend date , Tear tag showed up this morning . On step closer .
  11. build week 10/24

    Modules popped up over night 10/27 blend almost there after two+ years , Now i will have to wait for it to ship to Sacramento.
  12. build week 10/24

    Got my WS from Jimmy G`s link .
  13. build week 10/24

    Is in production a blue circle or a green check.
  14. Build week of: 10/10/2022 Spread Sheet Attached

    Also bumped from 10/3 to 10/10 . Badlands non sas 2.7 .
  15. Build week 10/3/22 Group

    Bumped from 9/19 to 10/3 . Badlands , green , 2.7 , hardtop , non sas .
  16. 9/19/22 Build Week

    I am in also 7/29/20 reservation . Re ordered 11/2/2021 . Green 4 door Badlands high package 2.7 . congrats all .
  17. Dealership changed their mind about charging MSRP on orders

    I wonder if paying cash vs financing would make a difference .
  18. What color(s) have you NEVER seen in the wild?

    In the Sacramento CA area I rarely even see a bronco, now truck loads of tesla`s all the time at least one American car manufacture is getting vehicles out the door.