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  1. MIC leak, rear passenger at back clamshell

    I think I've seen others with this leak, not sure when though. Definitely at the seam between the rear clamshell and the mid section. I have removed and reseated the mid section, curious if others have had this issue and there's an easy fix or have to go through the hassle of dealing with...
  2. My take on a DIY fridge slide system.

    Gotten pretty used to my old $runner where I took out the rear seat and got it relatively well set up (for me) for overlanding and some extended trips. Not looking to tear into this that much, at least not for a while, so it's matter of trying to fit the proverbial 10lbs of sh!t in a 5lb bag...
  3. Has anyone done any cost per mile comparisons between regular and premium fuel?

    Curious if there is a MPG increase with premium that would offset the higher price of premium. Yeah, it's hard to swallow the higher price at the pump, but if it increases the mileage, it might be worth it.
  4. Any plans for the 2nd Anniversary of Disappointment Day (July 13)

    As we are now 2 years into this mess, there should be some big celebration for all of us long suffering unworthy early reservation holders that still don't have a build date. Whatever happened to that idea that @Ford Motor Company had about telling the dealers to get us bottles of booze to help...
  5. Northwest Overland Rally/BC Overland Rally

    https://overlandadventurerallies.com/ Anyone attending any of these Rallies? The plague shut them down for a couple of years now but they're back this year. Lot of fun and lot's of good info to be had on gear, practices, and a lot of recovery instruction. Obviously more Overlanding than...
  6. Any plans for Disappointment Day - April '22?

    Anyone making plans for how to deal with another disappointment about seeing walk-ins and later reservations getting scheduled in front of you?
  7. How many long haulers are left ? unscheduled July '20 reservation holders?

    How many early reservations holders are still out there? I'm July 19 and no joy. Getting more and more frustrated with this clown show after this last round (yes, I've checked the back door link...). Dealer is either clueless, or following the Ford direction to not share allocation info, or...
  8. Check your purchase contracts- One way to prevent you from flipping your new Bronco/Raptor

    Don't know how prevalent this is or if it's only happening in Canada but wouldn't surprise me to see this kind of chicanery being inserted into the fine print without most people noticing. https://globalnews.ca/news/8613777/lien-dealership-edmonton-man-suv/
  9. So if a Dealer gets their allocations knocked by Ford for screwing around, how do we know?

    Various posts have stated that Ford is threatening dealers with reducing or even taking away their allocations if they screw around with fake reservations etc. So what happens to the people left holding the bag with orders at those dealers? They might never know and wait eternally for their...
  10. Any other long haulers get their original reservation $100 refunded?

    My credit card got a refund from my dealer for $100 last week. No info from the dealer about it, have a question into them but haven't heard back yet. Curious if any other early reservation holders without build dates have gotten refunded?
  11. RTR and Funhaver Bronco offerings/comparison

    More goodies gonna be available. The good thing about not getting mine yet, the aftermarket is starting to gel and more options are showing up.
  12. Figured I'd start a poll on how many MY22s are getting scheduled with hardtops

    Sitting here bored and cranky because I've not gotten scheduled yet. Thought it might be good to see how many hardtops are actually getting scheduled vs. soft tops. Lots of newer or no reservations have been scheduled but it's hard to tell how many scheduled builds have hard tops these days...
  13. So, how many hard tops are they actually producing?

    Sure seems holding out for a MIC is the kiss of death for getting scheduled. Doesn't seem like they've improved productivity over at Webasto...
  14. And another Front License plate mount idea.

    Another option developed for the Jeep world. Shackle mounted bracket. So much stuff out there https://www.kentrolinc.com/products/pc/viewPrd.asp?idproduct=412&idcategory=
  15. Trail Recon's walk through of SEMA Builds

    Not a big fan of this guy (bit of goober in my opinion), but he does a pretty good walk through of a lot of Bronco builds. Some neat things showcased, some bro-dozer builds but overall a lot of nice work.
  16. How does Nav system react to being off-grid?

    Does the Nav system retain it's own database of addresses and maps for navigating like what I think of as a typical unit, or does it need to be connected in order to find addresses and then create the route? There's a lot of areas that don't have any kind of coverage still it would be bummer if...
  17. Once you receive your Bronco...

    How long until you are obligated to make a YouTube video about it? Is it a week, maybe 2? What's the penalty if you don't make it in time?
  18. Allocations aside, what's your guess for Reservation dates making it in '22

    So, now that we're mostly through (or at least scheduled) the MY21 production debacle, and pretending the builds generally followed the reservation order (note I said generally), how far down the reservation list did they make it? Will reservations made in December of '20 make the cut this...
  19. Electric parking brake - and future brake jobs

    I'm sure it's a long ways off for people (especially us vin-less ones), but is anyone familiar with releasing the parking brake actuator at the caliper to change rear pads? Had tried to change the pads on my wife's old Tiguan, also with electric parking brake, and basically it was controlled...
  20. Anyone taken their Bronco to and down through Baja, or planning to?

    Obviously there's been some race teams down there, just wondering if any privateers have made the plunge yet? Have a trip planned for ~Feb '23, assuming (hoping) I'll have mine before then and can make sure to work through any bugs and get it set up. More overlanding set-up not racing. Figure...