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  1. ELI5: why upgrade to shackle mounts

    Can you explain why a strap and a rope?
  2. Billnchristy

    Georgia Bronco

    They better for the price but considering they were once a solid billet of aluminum, I understand the cost.
  3. ERUPTION GREEN Bronco Club

    Got our new AR Magnums installed last night.
  4. Billnchristy

    Georgia Bronco

    Installed our magnum steps last night
  5. Wife’s EG 2 door. magnums installed

    Magnums installed today
  6. Billnchristy

    Bronco Babes

    Got our AR magnum steps
  7. Ford Pass Reward Online Redemption

    You have to go through the trail maps app. :LOL:
  8. Real world 2 door 2.7 MPG

    17.7 avg, 4500mi, tune, premium and exhaust.
  9. RhinoUSA kinetic rope

    Here's the bag. We won't use it much but we don't have trash service at our other house so we always haul a bag home after the weekend so it'll be nice to not have it in the truck
  10. RhinoUSA kinetic rope

    Rope, 2 shackles and the trash bag was $200 after taxes
  11. RhinoUSA kinetic rope

    I ordered this yesterday and everything except my soft shackles was here this morning when I got up for breakfast. Wow. Looks good quality, lifetime warranty and a pretty decent bag. Rope is 7/8 x 20’ I also got a spare tire trash holder because we always end up with a trash bag in the truck...
  12. Came out of the grocery store earlier to find that someone had done this to the side of my Bronco

    I call them buggies too but my parents were from MA so maybe it's just a northern thing?
  13. Crash Bar Bolt Size?

    IIRC it's a finer thread too, which I thought was silly since it's in the mud. Might want to confirm thread pitch, there's 3 for M12.
  14. Is $5k too much for a professional audio overhaul?

    To further expound: I do have a couple caveats, I am a former audio installer so I do actually enjoy doing the work. I'm also cheap, but besides that, I like to learn things so I am willing to try anything for the sake of learning and to also potentially save money. I have done: Tiling many...
  15. Has anyone tried to officially document their adventures? Maybe write a book about it?

    An exerpt: We woke up at the crack of noon, weary from a long night of drinking and watching professional women's volleyball. The grill was still smoking, charred remnants of last night's feast. We dragged ourselves to the kitchen, made a couple cups of coffee and looked at bronco6g while the...
  16. Is $5k too much for a professional audio overhaul?

    5k should damn near get you a starter show car setup. Other than the sub build (which isn't hard but a little more technical) it's all pretty easy stuff. You can go all-in for a little over 1k, 2k if you're getting silly.