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  1. Hot wheels Wildtrak arrived

    Anyone else get theirs yet? I've been collecting for awhile now and this is by far one of my favorites
  2. Louisiana WTB oem steel rear bumper

    Looking for a steel rear bumper with parking sensor holes
  3. Hardtop fitment issues

    Since day 1 Ive alignment and wind noise issues.. Front panels dont sit flush and I can actually feel air between the 2 panels above the passenger seat. My dealer has attempted to adjust the top a couple times only to make it worse. Its currently in the shop now being readjusted back to how it...
  4. Louisiana WTB steel rear bumper BL/BD

    As title says Im looking for an oem steel bumper for black diamond or badlands with parking sensors. I bumped something and bent mine. I found a replacement plastic one but the sensors dont mount the same and overall I dont like the look. Located in NW Louisiana.
  5. Oopsie... dropped and dented my door this weekend

    I did the dreaded dropped my door this weekend. First time taking them off. Ive had jeeps for years and their hinge design is so much easier. When trying to hang the door I guess I didnt have the top part in and soon as I loosened my grip on the handle it felt to the driveway. I had to hammer it...
  6. Driver Seat Removal?

    Has anyone removed their driver seat? I dropped some stuff between the seat and console that got stuck under the mount. No other option but to remove the seat. Is pretty straight forward?
  7. Its here!.. Sorta

    2 door Black Diamond 2.3at mid tow velocity blue Ordered 12/28/21 . Blend 4/12. Was on plant hold and released 7/11 to ship. Arrived at my dealer last night. They have to do their PDI and the windshield recall. I should be picking it up Friday evening if my boss will let me leave work early. If...
  8. Hard top question... put front panels on without the main rear?

    Im still waiting on my 2dr BD to ship and currently have a JKU Wrangler hardtop. I got rained on this weekend but I had the freedom panels (front panels) with me and was able to put them on to keep semi dry. What I want to know is if the Bronco is capable of the same. Can you put just the front...
  9. Production started

    Checked my tracker and says production started. I was originally scheduled 4/4 then got pushed to 4/11. I have window sticker. What I wanna know is what is the back door tracker? and what exactly is blend date? I dont see any of that. Thanks!
  10. Any foot pegs available yet?

    Something I havent seen yet, I have a Jeep Wrangler and there are tons of options for foot pegs that mount to the hinge with the doors off. Is there anything available for the Bronco yet?
  11. Production Date

    I ordered a 2dr BD mic 2.3 auto with mid and tow at the end of December. I emailed my salesman yesterday to see if Ill be affected by the new price changes. He just replied back and said he wasnt sure at this point but he did say Im scheduled for production April 4th. I havent received anything...