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  1. Is this a Rubicon tie rod???!?

    Is this the tie rod on a Jeep or a front stabilizer? Because if this is the tie rod then I’m completely jealous… and I see why Ford has so many issues.
  2. Catch Can Results After 7,500mi on 2.7 V6 Bronco

    Finally, something in the catch can on my wife’s V6. 7,500 miles and winter weather yielded a little bit of chocolate milk like gunk.
  3. Dynamat Xtreme Door Kit: Mixed feelings

    Spent a few hours installing the Dynamat Xtreme door kit on our BL-S 4DR. I am feeling a bit disappointed but still glad it’s there. The good: Perceptually, it made the doors sound solid on close, instead of hollow. It also seems to transform the high pitched whirring of the road noise into...
  4. Fun fact: no need to mount MaxTrax - they fit in cargo space behind rear seats. Show your interior storage setup! 📸

    There’s a space in the trim for wider items (possibly soft top window?) just behind the rear seats. They are totally out of the way. Ideal for the casual user.
  5. What Aftermarket Diff Cover Guys Don’t Tell You

    I don’t think Banks makes a Bronco diff cover, but the research here is pretty informative. Seems to suggest a diff skid plate will also inhibit proper cooling.
  6. Stock Sasquatch Territory M/T vs. Wildpeak M/T in Snow and Noise?

    Thinking of putting Wildpeak MTs on my wife’s Bronco. Current running the stock 315/70/17 Territory MTs. Has anyone directly compared the two (specifically the Bronco version of this tire) in snow and road noise?
  7. What is THIS and what does it go to?

    Does everyone else have this connector? Looks a bit sus.
  8. Do you need FordPass to get updates?

    Wife reset her Sync the other day and isn’t planning on turning FordPass back on. Curious if anyone knows authoritatively if you can receive software updates without FordPass. The settings are still lit up so I’m thinking yes but not positive.
  9. WTT: Factory Soft Top + Cash, looking for Hard Top

    Have a 22 Badlands with factory soft top (excellent condition) and all three new style “B” part windows (still new in box). Looking for a hard top off of a 22 or 23. Could meet up somewhere in ME, NH, parts of MA.
  10. Can someone post instructions for removing windshield header trim?

    Trying to see if I can get a hard top to fit right on a soft top. Could someone post these instructions so I can make this adjustment: Remove the windshield header trim panel. Refer to Workshop Manual (WSM), Section 501-05.
  11. What is your 2022 or 2023 rear cap's engineering part number?

    I saw a post on here from a 22 owner who had the same engineering part (M2DB-S502G33-AV51MD) for a rear cap as a 2021 MIC2. Am wonderig if anyone has a 22 or 23 with a different part # on their rear cap sticker than M2DB-S502G33-AV51MD ? A bit weird since the production part numbers are...
  12. Where can I find these SPV mounts?

    I’m collecting some stuff for my future Bronco (while my wife will still let me spend money), and would like to get the first cross bar bumper mount in this video, but I can’t find the website anywhere. Anybody know where I can find it? I like the first configuration with the two LP6 and two LP4.
  13. Sync Bugs Post-PowerUp 3.5.3

    My wife’s Bronco got the Sync upgrade the other day. It updated us to 3.5.3 and Sync 610. So far we have both witnessed several new bugs. Wondering if anyone else can confirm any of them. Feel free to add more to this thread - though Ford doesn’t appear to be interested in even taking a bug...
  14. Unexpectedly Joined the Bronco Club Today

    Hey there. Decided to register on a couple Bronco forums and say hello now that I... somehow... have an order in the system. My dealer rep has had my build specs on his desk for several months now, and says he's been trying to put it in every week or two. Got a call from him today all excited to...