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  1. TOMS OFFROAD | Dana Spicer - In Stock!

    Get thee behind me, Satan! Just when my wallet is starting to recover - you gotta wave this steak under the nose of a starving man. Guess I‘m gonna have to put in a few more overtime shifts still.
  2. Cargo cover for 2 door

    Sounds good. If it ever does sag due to weight on top - it should be easy enough to fab up a cross member under the middle side-to-side. Aluminum square tubing or even 2x4’s for that matter. I’m like you. Just love to repurpose old stuff laying around to give it new usefulness (and...
  3. Cargo cover for 2 door

    I like it. What you figure the load capacity of it is? Is that just particle board or something more substantial?
  4. 0.01 Inches of snow broke my Bronco and this is Fords response.

    After reading this whole thread, I’m thinking whatever “happened” will most likely not “happen again”. Here’s my logic… Too many others have driven through way worse than what you described with no problem. Which tells me, it is not a design flaw with the Bronco air intake system. It had...
  5. Aux Upfitter Overhead Switches installed! - DIY writeup instructions & photos

    My opinion: not worth the time and money. There are several aftermarket companies making nice switch panels that are easy to install, look good and not expensive. Upfitters are nice for that “factory look”. But that’s all. For functionality and affordability…something like this is...
  6. Bronco Raptor Pickup Truck

    Ford would just do the same thing Jeep did with the Gladiator: “moardoor only” :( I sold my Gladiator for a Bronco because I prefer 2 doors. If Jeep would make a 2 door Gladiator, I wouldn’t be here right now. And if Ford came out with a 2 door Bronco pickup….oooooo….that would be just...
  7. No longer want my delivered Bronco

    Dude, take the Bronco. You’ll only have to endure driving it for 1 or 2 weeks before you sell it to somebody else for more than you paid. Even if you’re financing it - you will most likely get enough over what you paid to pay off the loan and still have a couple grand left over. If you’re...
  8. Detailed walk-around of the APG ProRunner Bronco

    AMAZING build! Not sold on that rear winch idea, however. Sure, it’ll get you unstuck. But not over/through whatever it is that stuck you in the first place. However, I gotta admit, there will be a lot fewer of those “whatever it is that sticks you” things stopping this beast ;)
  9. New Side and Hood Scallop Decals now available!

    Pics with custom text? Like where does it go? How big is it? Also, pics of 2 door?
  10. DD Hitchpod SSC1 Kit installed

    I’ve used the below linked light in the past. Uses the 4-flat connector. A bonus is - you can buy one for every member of your family for less than the price of one DD light :D Note that 4-flat plug specification does not have a provision for reverse lights.. So to use the reverse light...
  11. Are there any aftermarket brake kit options for the 2.7?

    If you’ve got a lot of money - there is ALWAYS somebody willing to relieve you of it… https://www.mainlineoverland.com/products/powerbrake-x1-big-brake-kit-stage-1-for-2021-ford-bronco
  12. Light Bar & Ford wire harness.

    Doubt seriously the wire would ever “burn up” as the fuse would pop long before that. So long as you stay below the Ford recommended amperage draw (described in above post) you’ll be fine. Which LED’s generally do - but check the documentation for your lights to be sure.
  13. Partial VIN

    Like being “a little bit pregnant” ?
  14. StickerFab Version 2.0 Fuse Box Labels (2021-2023 All Broncos inc Raptor)

    Now *THAT* is useful !! Good job
  15. Custom Interior & Seats Inspired by Pre-Production Bronco

    That is some mad skill with a sewing machine, bro. Beautiful!
  16. Send It Saturday! Post your 📸

    that is a great pic. should make a poster out of it
  17. Dual Jerry can holders - options?

    Per wheel? I wouldn't recommend supporting the entire weight of your vehicle on one of these. But then, I can't imagine how you COULD even do that if you wanted to. EDIT: Before some smart ass comes back with "what if you have three wheels in the air and the 4th wheel stuck in sand/snow?"...
  18. 2 Broncos 1 Key Fob

    Don’t know what the OP’s goal is - but I can see a use for this. Keep one fob in your pocket and be able to jump into either rig and drive away. Though I’ll confess, “I have two Bronco’s and it’s just such a hassle having to be sure to always grab the right fob before driving one” sure sounds...
  19. Dual Jerry can holders - options?