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  1. My NH Off-Roadeo Experience

    Love the video, good job. What ever venue you choose to attend, I recommend doing an off- roadeo.
  2. No longer want my delivered Bronco

    The only way I’d let the dealer keep it is if they gave me $5k to begrudgingly give it up.
  3. The best worst day

    That’s a tough one, only you know what you need to do. Listen to your gut instinct.
  4. StickerFab Version 2.0 Fuse Box Labels (2021-2023 All Broncos inc Raptor)

    Useful indeed, my wife and I just installed these on our Broncos. But they should have come from the factory with that info already installed there.
  5. Finally got her. Desert Tan Everglades Bronco

    Nice! I can’t believe that color is discontinued.
  6. Custom Interior & Seats Inspired by Pre-Production Bronco

    World class for sure!
  7. GM Considering an Electric Bronco Rival

    Whether we like it or not EV’s are going to be the future for most folks, and it makes sense if the grid can support it. Less noise, less pollution, but I have no illusions of EV’s “saving the planet”. But, they seem so “soul less”, an ICE vehicle seems like a living, breathing individual with a...
  8. My Badlands took itself for a short "drive", twice.

    I do wish the parking brake was mechanical instead of electric. Using it all the time is a good habit to get into, instead of finding out it doesn’t work when you really need it. I don’t know how fragile the e- brake is, how it stands up to harsh conditions, mud, dust, snow, ice buildup etc. By...
  9. Would you and your family sell everything and live the Nomad life in your Bronco?

    I like to think I could do it and have mentioned it to my wife. Her reply was basically “see ya”!
  10. Found a little friend today

    Aww. They’re so cute before they grow up.
  11. Hardtop vs Soft Top

    My order was originally a MIC but dropped it to speed up the order. Learning to live with it and don’t mind it most of the time. In the summer I like to put it in safari mode with the side and rear windows removed. Wife now has a bronco with the hardtop so we can switch tops if we want for...
  12. Drivers Door Closing Issue

    Oh my! I’m sure it can be adjusted correctly… But it shouldn’t have to be, just another inconvenience.
  13. Who else has almost ran out of gas ⛽?

    I just want to that the gauge display for a retro inspired vehicle is spot on! Sarcasm off.
  14. Finally found the best Dash Accessory Mount!

    It would be a great place to mount a tachometer, and the video was worth it just to see how easy the hero switches came out.
  15. Windshield wipers are driving me crazy!!!

    What I’ve done to other vehicles is use car wax to wax the windshield. First I tried it as an experiment on half the windshield for ease of bug removal during the summer. It seemed to help for about 2 weeks for bugs, the bonus was water sheeted off very well.
  16. 2.3 Exhaust preference

    The silencer I referenced is the hood insulation pad, even with that her engine noise is more noticeable.
  17. 2.3 Exhaust preference

    In other words, not good!
  18. 2.3 Exhaust preference

    Wonder how it would sound with just a straight pipe replacing the muffler? Totally unrelated but a big difference in vehicle/ engine noise between my wife’s OBX 2.3 automatic with lux and my BL 2.3 manual with mid package. Hers is louder even with the hood silencer pad and I can’t even hear mine...
  19. Vegvisir Badlands Windrock Park pictures

    Sometimes I wish I would have gotten a 2 dr… Dang, yours looks good