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  1. Raptor telling me my hood is Ajar when it’s closed?

    Yes! Where is the switch? Mine does this, I just shut it harder and it goes away. It’s happened a few times but luckily it doesn’t stay on.
  2. Bronco race vehicle burns down before racing in King of Hammers

    It's under warranty, the CCM is back-ordered with no ETA. Both heated seats don't work and the passenger air zone is stuck on full heat. I have no clue if the module will fix it.
  3. Bronco race vehicle burns down before racing in King of Hammers

    At least your heaters work. Mine have been dead for months and waiting on a Climate Control Module. I miss the inferno!! :ROFLMAO:
  4. About to chuck these Icon EXPs over a cliff

    Is the rubber part wrong? Dunno man! https://www.bronco6g.com/forum/threads/icon-2-5-exp-shocks-bridge-the-gap-between-spacers-and-threaded-coilovers.42536/
  5. 2023 Bronco Soft Top Window Seems Less Wavy

    Did this part number change? To me, this is part isn’t designed right, it isn’t lined up with the rest of the rail and is too flexible. Might not be 100% the cause of the wave but it sure isn’t helping. Was considering modding it to move it lower to pull the window tight, leaving it alone for...
  6. Tailgate noise after upgrading wheels & tires

    Hammer Built tailgate brace or something similar. It’s a huge improvement to cut down noise.
  7. Burrito Cooker via manifold cooking

    You just voided your motor warranty!! 😆 There’s multiple products like this for snowmobiles that attach to the exhaust pipe. Pro tips, wrap your food in parchment paper first, then aluminum foil. The foil rubs off black onto your food from the vibrations and tastes terrible. For the more...
  8. Low CG, max articulation, and biggest tire size without interference?

    Are you getting their claimed travel? So you think 35's are in the clear? Sticking with my Mickey 35's, they're only a year old and to replace them with 37s is too much $$$. I know 35s would be all I need if the Bronco wasn't hanging so low underneath.
  9. Low CG, max articulation, and biggest tire size without interference?

    I know that was a vendor video, but it was great info. The Icon arms are a hybrid (different design on each end), does anyone have feedback/experience on their design? I'm leaning toward their stage 8 kit, but thinking I should wait to see what else hits the market in '23, meaning better at a...
  10. how to disable traction control / advancetrac permemnantly {fusebox solution}

    Rock crawl seems to disable traction controls well, do any of the other modes (not 4Low) take care of it? Seems Baja shouldn’t have controls.
  11. AKturbo's "Dirty Betty" Build - DONE!!

    Been out playing a lot this year! Did the ugly wrap, super fun driving around. Next upgrade in the works, full ARB air setup, digital pressure and quad filling. Really considering the Icon Stage 8...
  12. Win an ARB Portable Compressor this Holiday Season

    Hi! Subscribed on YouTube.
  13. iPhone, Carplay, GaiaGPS = not awesome after last update

    Update: The ONLY way GAIA works is if GAIA is open on the iPhone and on the Carplay screen. If both the iPhone and Carplay have GAIA open it works perfectly, any other combo GAIA starts locking up and is unusable.
  14. Anyone Figure out a Dual Battery set up yet?

    Wow, rethinking the Lithium setup!
  15. Fall Camping at Kennicott Mine, Alaska with First Edition Bronco

    That's awesome! I've been there a couple times as a kid. Guessing they don't let you explore the buildings anymore, vivid memories of walking through those old buildings.
  16. Anyone Figure out a Dual Battery set up yet?

    Just started planning my overlanding build. I guess the Jackery systems are great for that plug n' play capability, but not for me. Has anyone seen this battery? Or others like it? https://www.takethetruck.com/blog/overlanding-battery I was looking to add LiFePO4 batteries and/or upgrade...
  17. AKturbo's "Dirty Betty" Build - DONE!!

    Pics from a few more trips