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  1. The best worst day

    She is beautiful, but so is a good credit score. At the end of the day it's just a car. Plus, you can order another one and by the time that one comes, you'll probably bein good financial standing again haha
  2. Came out of the grocery store earlier to find that someone had done this to the side of my Bronco

    Seriously though haha. I pulled into the dry cleaners one day, so small lot, and there were two other broncos in the lot. I almost lost my shit. I parked beside the Outerbanks, which is what I have and the owner was getting out. Needless to say she wasn't as stoked as me. I said something like...
  3. No longer want my delivered Bronco

    Honestly, you're lucky they called that many times haha. But I say take it...did you purchase something else?
  4. Mean Green Bronc Machine

    Bronco Babes

    More new members! Welcome all, drop photos of your Bronco!
  5. Who else has almost ran out of gas ⛽?

    Lol, right. At 13 miles left I'm not even stressed yet. Matter of fact I start stressing when my final bar disappears (when I had a jeep), so I supposed I'd start stressing when I actually hit 0 in the bronco.
  6. Who else has almost ran out of gas ⛽?

    *Raises hand* I have...several times, but I'm particular about where I get gas from. If I think I can make it, I'm going to Sam's club. I think my lowest was 3. I know for sure I was on 5 once, I just happened to look down and was like shit, because I was actually lost, out riding around just...
  7. Bronco race vehicle burns down before racing in King of Hammers

    No, Seriously though, I've learned the lowest setting for seats is good enough for me and the vent placements are terrible for the driver! I burn my hands all the damn time.
  8. Mean Green Bronc Machine

    Bronco Babes

    Yes, you’re on it!! Looks great. I’ve only done tint. I plan to wait until my factory tires wear down before considering bigger and badder ones lol and I’ve just added small things that are really to protect the inside. I want like the full grill bar. I’ve found two at very different prices...
  9. Anyone else receive a nice glossy, black & white photo and an invite to a Bronco bash?

    Oh wow, I may take advantage of it as well then! That sounds like a great time. What’d you end up getting with your gift shop voucher? Any Bronco swag?
  10. Anyone else receive a nice glossy, black & white photo and an invite to a Bronco bash?

    So, who else received Bronco mail? There was a really nice glossy, black and white photo and an invite to a Bronco bash, I think it was, with a choice of three locations. I'll post a photo when I get home.
  11. Mean Green Bronc Machine

    Bronco Babes

    Sheesh!! She's beautiful. I love love love the sasquatch in your light! Can't wait to see when you add the stripes and bull bar. I want a bull bar as well, please let me know how easy/difficult the install is.
  12. Mean Green Bronc Machine

    Bronco Babes

    Love it! Where'd you purchase your glovebox letters from and were they difficult to put on, as far as positioning?
  13. Bears or Bust 2022 with my Bronco and home/selfbuilt camper

    Wow, looks like you had an amazing time. What's your end mileage? I hope Mean Green will see that much adventure one day! until then I'll just be taking the scenic route to work.
  14. Mean Green Bronc Machine

    Broncos Of The Carolinas

    I forgot about the ford pass points incentives. I used all mine up in one transaction ordering accessories lol. I ordered through, and had them shipped to, the University Ford on Roxboro and they were all really nice throughout that process. Know nothing of their service though. I'm afraid to go...
  15. Ford recalling some models for driver seatbelt unbuckled warning chime sound duration

    No, I'm sure no one is going in for this...unless they don't wear their seatbelts. I can't even think of what mine sounds like, nor have I ever been annoyed by it, because my belt is always on. But then on the other hand, some people who have teen drivers or are just really adamant about safety...
  16. Mean Green Bronc Machine

    Bronco Babes

    Welcome, new members! Excited to have you here. Introduce yourselves, or just drop a photo(s) of your bronco!
  17. Mean Green Bronc Machine

    Broncos Of The Carolinas

    I never go to the dealership for service unless its covered under the warranty. When I had a jeep I went to the dealership once to get something with my computer fixed and they charged me a ridiculous amount. Found out it would have been $100 cheaper at Firestone and I never went to them again...
  18. Mean Green Bronc Machine

    Bronco Babes

    I’m super late, but welcome to the group!! Do you have your Wildtrak yet? Send us some photos, if so. I absolutely love the white, especially with the stripe, keep us updated.
  19. Mean Green Bronc Machine

    Bronco Babes

    @70&22bronco geez, you’d think they would allow a little more just based on the heat index there.