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  1. 2.3 Manual... Rolling in Gear?

    I've driven a lot of manual transmissions over the years from VW (Passat and Jetta), various trucks (Ford, Dodge, Chevy), Jeep Rubicon, C4 and C6 Vettes... you get the idea. Not new to me. So I parked my 2.3 Manual Bronco outside a shop yesterday, left it in 4th like I always do, but forgot to...
  2. Newish Owner and Apple Car Play Issue

    So, I've had my Bronco about a week but was out for work for 4 of those days. I drove the Bronco yesterday and Car Play wouldn't automatically connect. I tried to pair the phone again and it would play music but didn't show the apps page or "Apple Music". Just played the songs. I could also...