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  1. I am planning another Windrock trip.

    https://windrockpark.com/ I am trying to shoot for doing this next trip on February 25th (Saturday) for all who want to attend. If we end up having a large turn out I'd like to break into groups of 5 vehicles so there is less of a mess on the trail trying to keep moving. In my experience more...
  2. Valhalla's Long term build thread:

    So long term I'll be putting a lift, bigger tires, wider wheels, bumpers, winch and various other goodies ad nauseum on here but here are a couple of early on cheapie goodies to start!
  3. Just a little humor Ford unknowingly provided today.

    So as so many I waited 2+ years for my Bronco to even have a build Schedule, I received it on the 10 th of January 2023, The front differential failed on the 14th of January, I had it at the dealer on Monday the 13th of January for a warranty fix and the part is backorder....today the 26th of...
  4. Lift Question for anyone with the Baja Kits 3" prerunner lift

    I would like to hear from anyone with this, what shocks you went with etc. what tires and did you change wheels etc...just really everything from install to ride to off road experience. https://www.bajakits.com/i-31570316-2021-ford-bronco-3-prerunner-kit.html and a good lift kit video I found...
  5. 2023 clicking after 6 hours of wheeling...not resolved but diagnosed *see first post for short version*

    I received my Bronco finally after years of wait last week. On the weekend I took it for a 6 hour off-highway adventure. Upon returning to the highway I am having a clicking which seems to be like it is on the verge of engaging the front end. i dropped it at the dealer today so they can fix...
  6. more news

    I am Jonesing for more news, rumors, and outright lies. Got something, put it here, if you don't make something up. I don't care how plausible or outlandish! Let's see what you got!