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  1. Trickle Charger..12v Port in Center Console Won’t Work

    I bought a new Ctek trickle charger. I’ve always used these in my other cars by simply plugging Into the 12v port in the center console. This isn’t working in my bronco. Do I need to replace the fuse in that port? Or is it simply not “live” when the car is off? Assuming it’s working as Ford...
  2. OBX Painted Flares on LB FE

    Just picked her up today. Dealer ordered ready to paint OBX flares for me. Wasn’t sure if I was going to love the look but pulled the trigger and I LOVE it. Kept the squatch flares and will switch back and forth if I feel the need. Tires poke out just a tad which i think looks great. Is it...
  3. 120K Hammer Price on BAT for SEMA FE

    Seems like a decent price for a souped up FE considering where some other stock ones are trading. Crazy that I’m even writing that.
  4. Paintable OEM Fender Flares

    Apologies if this has been covered before. I am looking to buy a set of paintable OEM Sasquatch fender flares but they don’t seem to exist. If I want paintable flares it seems my only option is to get some from Bushwacker, Airdesign, or another aftermarket company. Personally do not like...
  5. First Edition on eBay $100k+?

    https://www.ebay.com/itm/234093536127 Not sure how to decipher this. At the time of posting it’s showing 84 bids. Could the current high bid really be $102,100??
  6. Below MSRP FE Listed for sale

    Can anyone explain how these dealers are already shopping FEs for sale, the 3rd one being far below MSRP?
  7. Make sure you triple check your order

    Just a reminder to double and triple check your order. I’m not sure if the Ford order entry system is buggy or if the dealers are careless. I ordered a Lightning Blue FE with black interior. When I got my build sheet everything looked good. Based on a post last week about priority codes I...