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  1. Powder Coated OBX Wheels! 🔥

    What bumper and front bash plate are those?
  2. Engine temps with AC off

    The difference is when the AC is on the radiator fan is also on and drawing more air through the radiator.
  3. Tie rod just snapped while turning around in driveway [Update: Replaced Under Warranty]

    The bend in the rod seems to indicate the rod was pulled up, not down. This is opposite from what a tie down bend would look like. However, a bend would shorten the effective length of the tie-rod, causing a toe in condition for that wheel. If the toe was reset to factory specs, the rod would...
  4. Completely disappointed in windshield [locked due to insulting behavior].

    Not sure Gorilla glass is any better. The owners on the Gladiator Forum are complaining a lot about how fragile the gorilla glass is for them.
  5. Buyer Beware: Big Bend being sold as Badlands with SAS

    Window sticker does say it has the Sasquatch package.
  6. Grumper

    Cool looking Bronco. The only thing I'd change is that crap on the front and whatever that thing is around the windshield.

    My favorite beer isn't made anymore. My daughter has one left in her fridge and won't give it to me.
  8. BAMF Overland front winch bumper

    Can the d-ring mounts be used for flat towing?
  9. An open letter to Ford.

    Not the same thing. When you make a restaurant reservation you don't tell them if you want the steak, chicken or fish. If it worked that way, when you ordered the chicken and they were out you would be waiting until they got more to get seated, while the people who were willing to eat steak or...
  10. Build and price not allowing 4 door Sasquatch

    Just tried to use the 2022 build & price configurator on Ford.com and when I try to add Sasquatch package to a 4 door model it won't let me. Is this problem with the website or has Ford decided 4 doors shouldn't have Sasquatch?
  11. Any experiences with this??

    Dealers do this all the time. I bought a car off the showroom floor last year showing 9 miles on the odometer. We finished the paperwork and I paid for it, so it was now mine. Rather than take it home, I left it overnight for the service department to install a self-dimming mirror with...
  12. This is just not right. Lowered (Bagged) Bronco

    They’re Out There Lowering Ford Broncos Already (msn.com)
  13. Soo, my Black Diamond has Outer Banks badges.

    So what is that on the top above the rear side window? It looks like a huge scratch!
  14. Resolution on DCH Ford ADM issue

    My guess is he's already sold it to someone else at the marked up price. Hope the OP got the new deal in writing...
  15. Speedometer Not Matching with GPS Speed

    Tire pressure can change the effective diameter of the tire slightly, which changes the rolling circumference, which would change the true speed. Try lowering the tire pressure a few pounds.
  16. Badlands onboard air - is there a mount for under the hood for ARB air compressor?

    Been using one of these for about 8 years. Fastest way to air up. Just remember to drain the water frequently. Any humidity will condense in the tank.
  17. Final Update: Boys, I might have to do it. Talk me off the cliff. Final Choice is clear

    Spend some time on www.jeepgladiatorforum.com and see what the members there have to say about the gladiator and the diesel engine. Then you can decide which is worse.
  18. Curious Why it Seems so Many People Want a Manual Trans?

    Haven't owned a car with an automatic transmission since 1978. Not gonna start now...
  19. Official MPG figures: 2021 Bronco 2.3L and 2.7L fuel economy

    I guessing we can expect some type of hybrid real soon.