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  1. Took delivery of MY23 Badlands 2D

    2.7L, sas, lux, marine interior, mod bumper, brush bar. Gonna snag the roof racks for my snowboard gear, and the tow package for summer Sea-Doo fun soon. So far little over 150 miles and I love it 🥰. Original order 10/21. Delivery 1/29/23 Cleaned up a couple aesthetic exterior things...
  2. Floor liner option?

    Not sure why the Badland trim came with carpet floor mats, but never the less- What looks good? I’ve used weather tech in the past and like them, but haven’t seen the fitment in the 2D bronco? Are there better options? Let’s see em-
  3. Just signed all the paperwork for MY23 bronco

    Estimated delivery of next week, I went and did all the paperwork for my 2023 -2D Badlands, Shadow black, 2.7L, SAS, LUX, mod bumper. Reservation 7/21 Autofair of Haverhill. No ADM, honored my PP rebate. Noextras not asked for. CANT FUCKING WAIT FOR NEXT WEEK
  4. I finally got a production date and window sticker. However..

    The window sticker reflects my OG build specs. Which honestly is nbd bc I actually dropped stuff to try to lush the build, but now I’m sad bc I also swapped to green from black, and now it states I’m back to black. Which again nbd. i have the dealer Print out from when I went down and made...