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  1. Tailgate Accessories

    Inside. The only thing I'm thinking about putting outside if it fits under the spare tire is the ARB twin compressor unless hammer built gets theirs situated for inside mount single but I have time before I get my car so no immediate rush.
  2. Bronco Raptor orders -- what's your status? Scheduled | Unscheduled | Built | Produced | Delivered

    Can we add status for built then stolen by dealer, sold and now waiting to be scheduled again?
  3. Tailgate Accessories

    I have Molle bag kit waiting for my Braptor arrival, and slide out tailgate (hope it fits - Ford Perf couldn't confirm)
  4. Priority 1 Bronco Raptor order -- how long from scheduling to shipped to the dealer?

    Priority 1 basically means it is eligible to be picked for scheduling. A host of other factors come into play, dealer allocation, and for Raptor if there are other Raptors that have been allocated and perhaps sitting longer. Priority 1 can only be assigned by the factory/corporate, most...
  5. Light Bar & Ford wire harness.

    The Pro 6 50" LED bar draws a little over 13 amps if I recall. If those were old school KC DayLighters ie. Halogen, then yeah they'd be drawing WAY too much. If you are super concerned add a relay in between, but I thought I read that the Ford pre-wired setup already included relays.
  6. NJ/NY/Delaware/Eastern Pa./MD/Ct Volume Buyers?

    Unfortunately that is correct for MOST items - there may be some wiggle room on minor options.
  7. NJ/NY/Delaware/Eastern Pa./MD/Ct Volume Buyers?

    Get in line.... I got dibs #FAFO
  8. Ford not keeping their promises on price protection and keeping your place in line after YEARS of waiting? Why did they take our deposits?

    Hell if you got fingered - I got FISTED, dealer was allowed to steal my Braptor (more to come on that much later) and I got sent to the back of the f-ing line.

    Any chance you have pics of the install process? Would be interested in seeing an alternativo to drilling.
  10. White Bronco Raptor w/ vinyl wrapped flares. Rigid 40” light bar & Rigid 4” ditch lights

    Very nice look - I was toying with the same idea, but leaving the outer edge black - the inner edge is a nice touch. More to ponder now - but I doubt I'll be so lucky with a Code Orange wrap being available.
  11. NJ/NY/Delaware/Eastern Pa./MD/Ct Volume Buyers?

    Congrats to those that got scheduled...mine is gone, still waiting on new order...about ready to snap...this won't go well for alot of people. #FAFO
  12. NJ/NY/Delaware/Eastern Pa./MD/Ct Volume Buyers?

    Saw a few Raptors get scheduled today but I was traveling most of the day, dropped my baby girl off for her semester in the Disney College Program. I'll check on mine tomorrow. Ya know the one that wasn't stolen from me. 😏
  13. NJ/NY/Delaware/Eastern Pa./MD/Ct Volume Buyers?

    Goalie also
  14. Raptor got bumped again…

    That sucks...especially given my situation. Order #2 - not at liberty to discuss just yet. 🤬🤬🤬
  15. Raptor got bumped again…

    A little disappointed to hear they are already scheduling out to mid Feb...last I had seen it was mid Jan, so that means best case if I make the next schedule I'm looking at a Mar/Apr delivery.
  16. Everyone needs to let him know these will sell - 6.5" Speaker pods for the rear

    Those are nice, but I'm leaning towards a set of wake tower speakers if I decide to upgrade my B&O rears.
  17. NJ/NY/Delaware/Eastern Pa./MD/Ct Volume Buyers?

    Wes McCauley is terrible - even YOU have to admit that was a trip on Zibanejad in the last minute of the game. Cindy Crybaby gets another NHL helper
  18. NJ/NY/Delaware/Eastern Pa./MD/Ct Volume Buyers?

    Got pulled over in Ohio today..90 in a 70 That sucked.
  19. ⏳ Bronco Raptor now being scheduled for production & VIN assigned

    Anyone know what the latest build weeks that are being scheduled? Sadly my "original" order rolled off the line this week.