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  1. Tire trends...what comes after 37's?

    Who needs tires?
  2. Mildly Interesting: morning condensation not on either front panels

    Did you wax only the front fenders? ;)
  3. Anyone drive their Bronco only for 4x4'ing?

    Once I get mine it will be a daily driver and kept outside.
  4. Bronco Build Week 4/10/2023

    Added myself, how does this work, everytime I get bumped I add myself to the new week? Saw there's a spot for a bump so do I do that on the 4/3 or delete myself?
  5. Heritage Spottings?

    Watching the @FordVideoGuy podcast right now, said he's going to do a Sport Heritage walk-through this week so I'll watch that. Want to see what the special floor mats are that we should be getting too, outside of the plaid seats not much else carries over.
  6. Heritage Spottings?

    Factory test mules only. Think earliest scheduled is late March if it didn't get bumped. I got scheduled last week for week of 4/3 but already moved to 4/10. I think there might be some Sport Heritage's out there now but haven't followed those.

    Same, I would have been good with the Mid+ package like the Everglades with the bigger screen but no cameras.
  8. What edition is this?

    Truckin' Edition
  9. AZURE GRAY Bronco Club

    Yep, I edited the post that it may be Carb Gray, if so then we got a royal flush on all the Heritage colors.
  10. Out of State Buying - Yes it is that easy.

    Was going to say the same thing, you only owe for your State. If anyone is purchasing from out of State just call the DMV or your County tax assessor and they'll let you know what to do.
  11. $2500 Order Incentive, 2023 Allocation & More News - Granger Ford

    Thanks, I just called and had no issues getting the amount and cert#. I have an April expiration date but expect Ford to extend that out before I get delivered. @Ford Motor Company something really needs to be put out by Corporate for resolution on the certs, too many are getting misleading...
  12. $2500 Order Incentive, 2023 Allocation & More News - Granger Ford

    Thanks for the reply Zach! Don't think anyone is trying to put you or Granger into over-committing to anything and I personally have appreciated all y'all have done in an ever changing series of events. I think those that are missing the certs just want a way forward vice being put into the...
  13. HERITAGE EDITION Bronco Club

    Not Funny but was just talking with a co-worker about my Bronco status and I mentioned that most orders get pushed back at least a few times. I'm still the first week of April ... for now so as long as I can get it sometime in the summer I'm good.
  14. AZURE GRAY Bronco Club

    Yep, the more I looked at that one I think it might actually be the missing Heritage Carb Gray.
  15. Add the old '71 emblem or not?

    Funny reading almost 2 year old comments. I wish Ford would have kept the Sport name exclusive for the big Bronco because I always liked the original Sport badge. I have the Archetype Base base badge on order as it's the closest to the original Sport badge without the connection to the baby Bronco.
  16. Show us your white tops!

    Only thing that I'd hesitate on line-x would be the grain finish. Here in coastal SC anything white already requires scrubbing and/or bleaching, the top of my FJC is a bear to keep clean and it's smooth. Seems not many that have painted/wrapped give much information, I asked a couple of times...
  17. Warranty extension while vehicle is waiting repairs

    Have you read over this yet: https://www.bronco6g.com/forum/threads/manual-transmission-scraping-noise-grinding-sound.33282/ There's a TSB out on but initial response is that it doesn't fix the issue.
  18. Warranty extension while vehicle is waiting repairs

    Are you having the grinding manual transmission issue? Unless your dealer said it's undrivable others are still using theirs. Yes it's loud when cold but still functions and would at least get you back in your Bronco.