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  1. How to never miss a OTA software update! [Instructions]

    After 6 months with no updates, two have downloaded and successfully installed in the last week.
  2. For those w/ Sync4 Module Failure, how long till replacement module arrived/fixed?

    I only lost power to the USB ports below the climate control units while the SYNC 4 APIM was dead. The ones on top of the dash (LUX package) continued to work.
  3. How to never miss a OTA software update! [Instructions]

    I have a 2.7L Badlands 4D, and mine has the same date, but is labeled 2.1.2.
  4. 📈 Bronco December 2022 and Full-Year 2022 Sales & Production Numbers

    Bronco December 2022 Sales & Production Highlights Bronco December Sales: 10,412 vehicles. Sales (YTD): 117,057 vehicles. December 2022 sales represent a 11.6% increase from November 2022. Bronco December Production: 10,842 vehicles. Production (YTD): 139,062 vehicles. December 2022...
  5. 2.7 Oil Pan Capacity Answered

    If that SSM had lowered the service fill from 7.0 to 6.0 and also lowered the factory fill from 7.5 to 6.5, then that would have likely put an end to much of the debate. Unfortunately, this is Ford, so...
  6. 2.7 Oil Pan Capacity Answered

    Rob, I know you feel strongly about this, but your memory about SSM 50981 is a bit selective. For the record, this is the exact text of that SSM… SSM 50981 2021-2022 Bronco – 2.7L GTDI Engine – Service Oil Capacity UpdateThe 2021-2022 Bronco 2.7L GTDI engine oil capacity specification with oil...
  7. Does the jack lift the wheel?

    Wrong location. The jack point for the rear wheels is the rear axle tube.
  8. Alternator Upgrade

    Please state your hotel affiliation, Good Sir, so we may collectively judge your expertise in the devilish doodads and whimsical whatchamacallits of the electrophonical sort without embellishment. ⚡🙃
  9. Tire bulge on tire side wall.

    The tire carries a warranty from Goodyear, the tire manufacturer. @618TRVLWILD (forum tire nerd and travel savant) :love:
  10. Bronco Wall Art from Hobby Lobby

    Nice print, but fake news. E'erybody knows that the 6G really isn't a rockcrawler. ;)
  11. Hood shake

    Proper hood adjustment can eliminate flutter. Refer to the following posts for more info…
  12. Rut could go wrong? "Charging System: Service Now" fault & disabled Bronco from muddy good time

    It's not that bad, but it is a pain if you don't have a lift. You can perform the work from below and through the passenger's side fender well. Shouldn't take more than an hour and a half max in a shop with a lift.
  13. Rut could go wrong? "Charging System: Service Now" fault & disabled Bronco from muddy good time

    Or carry a mallet. The problem with mud is when the water dries out, it can leave behind dirt, sand, or silt, which can contaminate the contacts between the components, preventing them from charging at spec. For a real-world example of this, see the following emergency alternator repair...
  14. Rut could go wrong? "Charging System: Service Now" fault & disabled Bronco from muddy good time

    See the diagrams below for both engines... Judging by the height relative to the centerline of the crankshaft, the alternator on the 2.7L V6 engine appears to be mounted about 3"-4" lower than the alternator on the 2.3L I4 engine -- not materially different, actually -- and both engines have...
  15. Eibach Pro Lift Kit for the 2021+ Ford Bronco (Sasquatch Package)

    Congratulations, Sean. Looks great! (y) Did you take any before and after measurements?
  16. Serious Tech Issue - 12 Inch Touchscreen blacked out / bricked (by software update?)

    Not that I have been able to figure out, including referring to the owner’s manual. 🤷‍♂️
  17. Interest rates from Ford Dealers this past week?

    All 5 visible paragraphs of that PDF have unacceptable terms and conditions? Why would anyone sign that? :eek:
  18. Bronco Production and Testing Process -- MAP Factory Stages From Paint to Shipping

    That's the first reference I have seen of "Ramp 4G" in this thread. Is that something that Ford communicated directly to you? If so, it seems reasonable to assume that's the last step before shipping.