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  1. Are there any aftermarket brake kit options for the 2.7?

    Depending on budget you can do a complete replacement or just pads and rotors. Alcon https://alconkits.com/heavy-duty-truck-brakes/alcon-ford-bronco-off-road-brake-kit-detail Powerstop brakes https://www.stage3motorsports.com/k8413-36-ranger-powerstop-z36-front-kit.html Thread with video on...
  2. Well, I jumped in..

    Welcome to the party. I love the long awaited for '23 that I received just in time for our Christmas trip to visit family.
  3. 20+ Broncos hit the mountain to find some snow... lessons were learned

    May I get more info on the winter event in Kansas?
  4. How lucky am I? 🍀 Total Wildtrak Production Numbers So Far?

    I received my 23 Wildtrak 4dr a week before Christmas. I felt very happy at the time especially after reserving in 2020 ordering a 21, ordering a 22, and ordering a 23. I thought that it was a sign that some of the constraint issues were subsiding. Now I feel extra lucky. I paid under stick...
  5. HOT PEPPER RED Bronco Club

    New Shoes
  6. Issue with Archetype Racing. Anyone else???

    I am not making excuses for AR for your experience but all of my past dealings with them has ended with me being more than happy with the products and some have taken a little longer to be delivered. I chalked it up to constraint issues plus I did not have my Bronco yet so it was easier to...
  7. 2023 Wildtrak w/ HOSS 3.0 review + comparison to Bilstein suspension

    I think that you are correct. I have had my '23 WildTrak for a week and it does have Hoss 3.0. It puts me in a good mood just to take it for a spin. I find myself finding a lot of excuses to run to the grocery or hardware store.
  8. I will buy/trade Bronco Raptor Forged Wheels

    I probably missed it but I think that the Bronco and Bronco Raptor do not share the same bolt pattern. The Raptor is the same as the F150.
  9. Dealer Shout-Outs for Honoring Price

    Louisburg Ford, KS A-Plan plus price protection makes for a great deal on a '23 WT. The dealer was good to work with.
  10. I finally got a production date and window sticker. However..

    Congrats! Funny story, my wife sometimes refers to me as combustion king. JK :)
  11. 11/21/2022 Build Week w/Spreadsheet

    I am pulling for you! My estimated delivery was 12/14-12/20 as well. I lost visibility once the railcar arrived. I knew that the railcar departed the next day, meaning my truck was in a railroad lot waiting for transport but that is it. It was a great surprise when my dealer emailed...
  12. 11/21/2022 Build Week w/Spreadsheet

    Picked up my bronco today and later received a baby pic
  13. 11/21/2022 Build Week w/Spreadsheet

    One journey is about to end and another is about to begin. My dealer just emailed and my Bronco will arrive today and I can pick it up tomorrow. 11/23 Blend, In Prod 11/29, Built 12/04
  14. 2022 VIN invalid after built???

    This address is not working this morning... https://shop.ford.com/vehicleordertracking But this one is.. https://www.ford.com/buy/manage.html?reservationId= The site is probably down for maintenance, hopefully improvements with more info
  15. HOT PEPPER RED Bronco Club

    Ditto, She is at the local railyard now. I am days away from the big day.
  16. Android widget - Update: Up and running. Thanks! Kennelh

    Thank You, I may actually get to use this one of these days. My bronco is shipping now
  17. 11/21/2022 Build Week w/Spreadsheet

    They need job security, hit them up again. I have been very disciplined for two years. I hit them up every couple days after "Shipping" status until my railcar info dropped. The NS phone tracking line actually works pretty good. The railcar should reach KC today. Then the agonizing wait for...
  18. You Know You Drive a Bronco When…

    You know that you are about to own a Bronco when..... You call the railcar tracking number several times a day and "follow" your Bronco on the rail system map. BTW, It would be nice if the NS would improve the average velocity of their trains.
  19. 11/21/2022 Build Week w/Spreadsheet

    Dec 12 - 18 in KC. I changed to shipped yesterday morning and ford chat did not have the railcar. Today they did. Moving SW towards decater il