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  1. 2.7L vs 2.3L Ford Performance Calibration Tune on Bronco -- Dragy Acceleration Results & Comparison

    I was impressed when I first had the FP tune “installed” on my 2 door 2.3 manual Badlands with Sas set up. Definitely more power throughout the curve. …..Then I added the Pedal Commander and was EXTREMELY impressed with throttle response, especially in Sport+ 4 setting. This thing kind of rips...
  2. Bronco in Eruption Green + Ionic Silver 2-tone (Bronco II style)

    I like everything except for the Iconic Silver part and the chrome wheels. Eruption Green is an amazing color
  3. Its my Christmas Eve

    rise and shine and go get that bad ass Bronco! congrats
  4. Preference concerning CAI for 2.3

    I vote no CAI…..yet. I’ve had tuned turbo Subarus since 2007 and would never put a CAI on a Subaru without a tune because it could cause it to run lean potentially damaging engine and also not add any power. With a tune and other mods you could get a bit more power with the intake. This makes...
  5. 6th gen 2024 Ranger Raptor rolling down the MAP line

    I like the 3.0 and the power but no manual transmission? For this reason, I’m out.
  6. Custom Interior & Seats Inspired by Pre-Production Bronco

    Looks amazing! I always wanted Velocity blue with Brown leather, like A-Rods Early Bronco. Yours are even better👍
  7. 35" or close+ Non E rating tires? Anything Decent exist?

    I bought 35” K02s and had some extreme vibration at highway speeds. Took it to a road force balance shop and they couldn’t get them to balance and had 2 shops tell me they are notorious for that. Both shops recommended Ridge Grapplers but I was hesitant due to the aggressive tread and E Rating...
  8. 35" or close+ Non E rating tires? Anything Decent exist?

    You must live alone because surely your whole house reeks of tires.
  9. I've moved on - For now

    Nice Outback Wilderness. Seems like a lot of Subbie haters on here. If I had to choose between my Bronco and my Subaru, I would keep the Subaru.
  10. My Badlands took itself for a short "drive", twice.

    I watched my manual Bronco rolling backwards down my somewhat sloped driveway when I first got it. It was rolling 5 feet and stopping for a couple of seconds. Then it would roll another 5 feet and stop. I ran outside, jumped in and put the E brake on. Ive driven manual cars my whole life, but...
  11. ⚾️ Barry Bond’s Overlanding Bronco Raptor Build

    Yes and like 5 Rezvani Tanks, maybe some Vintage 4x4s. he’s worth like $100 million or something.
  12. Badlands with 7MT (Best options for 35" tires)

    Sasquatch take offs or buy Sasquatch suspension from dealer. That’s what I did.
  13. ⚾️ Barry Bond’s Overlanding Bronco Raptor Build

    He lose all his money or something? Driving a Bronco?
  14. Color choice?

    I ended up with VB but I still love that EG. I really like VB with black.
  15. Is $2500 incentive enough for losing SAS,LUX and MIC.

    I did the same … 2 Dr Badlands 7MT. You can definitely Self Squatch that pretty cheaply with used parts and take offs. I did a new OEM Sas suspension because there were very few takeoffs for 2door at the time. New Methods and Ridge grapplers, 4wp Big Tire crash bars, New SAS Fenders, Sas bumper...
  16. 📧 Bad news Friday... official email from Ford: "Urgent information regarding your Ford Bronco order."

    This is unacceptable. They should be required to make actual contact with you either Ford Corporate or the Dealer. This is a way for them to protect themselves and wipe their hands clean of the problem instead of facing and solving the problem with their customer.
  17. Brothers from another mother?

    I always thought the same and then realized the ladder folds out but then I realized it still wouldn’t use it.
  18. Pretty Awesome - Topliftpros Hardtop Removal

    I think those are the directions for the EBay knock off thats similar to the Toplift
  19. Brothers from another mother?

    And they will all be hating on the Bronco….yeah, haters are the same across all automotive forums. Gotta justify their choice is better.
  20. CAI with custom tune on 2.7! -- Stock Bronco vs K&N Intake vs Dyno Tuning

    Im of the opinion that if you mod the car and it breaks, you’re on the hook to pay the same X amount to fix it whether it’s in warranty or out of warranty so you might as well do it early on while you still like the vehicle and aren’t getting bored. Also, newer the vehicle the more likely it is...