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  1. PRP Seat Covers Look Great in my Base SAS 2 door!

    You can also get the logo delete
  2. My 22 4Dr Stroppe Baja tribute build reservation date 7/14/20 delivered 5/28/22

    Super cool,loving what can be done with vinyl 👍
  3. WISH LIST: What is your biggest Bronco desire for future iterations?

    Center mounted e brake too and its perfect +bigger tank,less tech stuff,transfer case lever not a dial.
  4. PRP Seat Covers Look Great in my Base SAS 2 door!

    It just another place to keep stuff in the small 2dr cabin ,I think it looks as good as any other plastic piece in there , I'm 6 4 it takes up a little space in the leg area but I have the 7sp and it does not hinder any movement. You could always add one to pass side if it ends up bothering you...
  5. What did you do TO / WITH your Bronco today? 👨🏻‍🔧🧰🚿🛠

    Did it make a difference? I had to remove my 50 inch it was too loud.
  6. What did you do TO / WITH your Bronco today? 👨🏻‍🔧🧰🚿🛠

    Yesterday I received my prp seats easy install totally transformed the interior of my base man squatch . Highly recommend if you have a dog.
  7. Rear Seat Delete, DIY Platform 2-Door

    Great to hear I'm doing that tomorrow.
  8. CACTUS GRAY Bronco Club

    Love the cactus grey but the hood was just too much for me so I flat blacked it
  9. Rear Seat Delete, DIY Platform 2-Door

    Did you take the rear seat bet reels out too?
  10. wetdog

    Bay Area Broncos

    I'll look for ya im there too.
  11. PRP Seat Covers Look Great in my Base SAS 2 door!

    Just got my prp front seats for my base man squatch ,screw cloth seats with a dog these are awesome . Lots of color options pattens,patterns, colors, I was tempted to go crazy gf says just because you can doesn't mean you should . Took a month to get but really like them as they transformed the...
  12. PSA: Most 3rd Brake Light Extensions Won't Work on Sasquatch Package

    2nd day i yanked that light off and installed a led one for a jeep,I had to Redhill the bolt pattern (easy) and because it was for a jeep no bronco tax.
  13. Robins Egg Blue 2023 Bronco preview renders

    Thats the maybett door eliminator kit for those that changed their order to get the bronco quicker.
  14. Anyone swap out 7-spd shift knob yet? Pics???

    It ended up being awkward this high so I took it off,I could have made it work but it would require permanent modifications that would prohibit ever returning to stock
  15. Anyone swap out 7-spd shift knob yet? Pics???

    I spent 2 days of my life machining parts to try to adapt a white cue ball to my 7sp . Ended up with something that worked but it made it 1.5 in higher and was unacceptable, I had the lockout all figured out too. Guess I might plunk down the $ and try the ready made one. The stock shifter uses...
  16. Does the 2-Door actually exist?

    I have never passed by a 2 door in the wild ,all 4drs .
  17. Condensation / Moisture in Rear Under Floor Storage Area

    When I did my rear seat delete I noticed that a few of the bolt that hold the seats go all the way through if you leave them out you could easily get water splashed up in there.
  18. Some people...

    This is a tough one if you don't do anything you feel like crap that you were intimidated, if you confront things can go bad real quick. You have no idea what that kid was up to ,had you been with the advantage a number of friends ,weapons in hand things might be different. You did the right...