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  1. Interesting new windshield wiper for Jeeps

    My 1988 Chevy Beretta had this. It worked fine and gave a similar spray at any speed. It just didn't need special wipers like the jeep, it used standard ones. I have never even slightly wished my other vehicles had it though. The regular way works good enough for me.
  2. Sharp turn makes my blinker go to the other direction. Anyone else?

    Aint that the truth! The GTO gave me very little trouble over its lifetime. Bought it new and put 156k miles on it with the factory clutch. I've did over 150 passes at the drag strip, numerous autocross events and drove the shit out of it. 3k mile oil changes always. That car was an absolute...
  3. Hail damage to hood 🤬🤬🤬

    Were you able to get this fixed using PDR?
  4. Help Please / Torx Plus Tool Set

    You've already got some suggestions, but I'll add this one. https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B0079GPZLW?psc=1&ref=ppx_pop_mob_b_asin_title The bits come in a holder and it all fits in the Bronco tool kit. It's open in the pic but you can close the zipper.
  5. Remote start/heated seats "issue"

    Check under settings, vehicle, then remote start setup. Then you can choose if you want the only the seats to stay off and climate control to choose the temp. Or turn seats off and climate control off, then it will use your last heat/ac settings.
  6. How do you test the Automatic-Emergency-Braking?

    Not sure there is any great way to test it. Lol, Maybe a sheet or pillow swinging down in front of the truck or something like that if someone really wants to test it My sensitivity is set to medium I believe. I've only had it warn me once. I was going about 40 and was going to pass a car...
  7. PSA: How Much Drivetrain Damage can happen from pushing the wrong Button ?

    As for the comments regarding slippery mode and dry pavement using 4A. I can't say that is a mistake for sure. If you use 4A in normal mode, the drive train will switch to 4wd and 2wd as needed. In slippery mode, 4wd never deactivates. I can't say what happens in sport mode. Maybe someone can...
  8. Cleaning dust from the inside after Off-roading.

    I start with the roof and doors open. Then I use an air gun all over and then vacuum with a real soft brush attachment. The air can really help depending on the dust amount. Just not too hard/close. Use lots of air, blow it airborne and keep blowing air towards outside.
  9. Bonus Spare Parts

    Nope none of those things. Just a mouse head with the first oil change, stuck to the skid plate.
  10. Sharp turn makes my blinker go to the other direction. Anyone else?

    I'd say that is exactly what's happening. I'm pre prep here.
  11. Light bar installs, how did you get the wires inside?

    I saw some on here someone ran the wire down the gap on the edge of the windshield and didn't drill any holes. I'm not sure how easily you can see the wire though.
  12. Rear Child Car Seat Photos

    I thought I've seen a few pics on here with double car seats. I'll see if I can find them. Keep in mind that the bronco rear hip and shoulder room are about 1 inch less than the 4runner, so I'd expect a similar or slightly tighter fit.
  13. $100.00 deposit

    I got mine back in the mail. It took over 3 weeks.
  14. Washer Fluid Levels Drop Fast?

    Just some extra data. 6651 miles and my warning for low washer fluid came on yesterday for the second time since owning the Bronco. When I filled it the first time, it fit the whole gallon and I was not completely empty yet.
  15. Heavier rated springs

    They are just compete kits. I was just sharing the only option I've seen so far that's specifically geared towards higher loads.
  16. How many key fobs on each Bronco?

    The Bronco can still be put into valet mode to lock them out of the sync system and your personal info. Then you can lock the glove box and center console and keep the key part of the fob.
  17. Heavier rated springs

  18. Reverse cam/blue screen turning on when offroading?

    Is this possibly related to anyone having the rear view camera delay turned on? I have mine on. When you turn it on, the reverse camera stays on permanently unless you close it manually or go fast enough for it to turn itself off. Also putting it in park or setting the ebrake turns it off.
  19. Anyone Paint Matched their Door Handles?

    Maybe look into something like this and have them painted. It would be incredibly cheaper. You can always have your current handles painted but I don't think you could get a wrap that matches close enough for your liking...
  20. Massachusetts Garage door bags 4 door

    I'm interested and I'm close by in Pepperell. What's the reason are you not keeping and using them?