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  1. Anyone going to Outdoor & Overland Expo?

    I know there is a contingent of the 904JaxBroncos crew going. I intend to go for Friday or Saturday. Haven't made definitive plans and need to.
  2. Suspicious...

    It's normal for the build date to move. What often happens is the date keeps getting pushed off, but when it moves up, it often sticks. Consider it a good sign.
  3. For all those who attended Off-Roadeo ..make sure you get your $200 credit back

    Yes. My credit was 3 days after I attended on 12/12/22. Some who attended earlier dates it took much longer.
  4. 🛠 3/14/22 Build Week Group

    Well, Luna isn't going anywhere. I'm contemplating in following through with the order and making a Franken-Bronco out of the best of both of them. Seems like an expensive and foolish idea. But I don't want to let Ford off the hook with the price protection combined with my $2k below invoice...
  5. 🛠 3/14/22 Build Week Group

    Love my Black Diamond. It was supposed to be a holdover Bronco until my original reservation order came up. Now, I have a dilemma as to whether to follow through with my original order. If I do, I'm not getting rid of my Black Diamond.
  6. Went to Ol Florida this weekend

    Ol' Florida is private and only open for events. This past weekend was their New Years event. I believe their next event will be Blueberry Jam. Ol' Florida Offroad Park
  7. All problems in one photo.

    Good to see the redundancy of the speedometer is for safety reasons in the event the other display fails.
  8. No longer want my delivered Bronco

    Just call the dealership and ask to speak to the sales manager (if your original salesperson isn't available). Depending on the terms of the deposit, it may or may not be refundable. Most dealers will gladly give the money back as $600 isn't worth the lack of goodwill. They won't be losing...
  9. Went to Ol Florida this weekend

    If you are from Miami, then check out the Miami/Dade Broncos group on FB and IG. @Coronabronco @Squatch
  10. Buy into Off Roadeo?

    Nothing recent has been announced. I attended on 12/12/22 at Austin location and the guide indicated then that they were looking into offering additional experiences beyond the initial one that is included with the purchase. He had indicated that it would be shortened as the initial...
  11. $2500 Order Incentive, 2023 Allocation & More News - Granger Ford

    You are right on the amount. Only the early orders get the column A. I can't advise on how Granger is handling it. You, on your own, can not have Ford extend the certificate. My advice is pay the deposit. You still have plenty of weeks before your scheduled build week to push the PP issue.
  12. $2500 Order Incentive, 2023 Allocation & More News - Granger Ford

    I'm not going to fault Granger (Samantha or Zach) on this issue as it is new for MY'23. This is all on Ford. They have made it harder than it needs to be. Ford has been inconsistent <surprise> in that some are automatically renewed a few days later and others need to have the extension...
  13. $2500 Order Incentive, 2023 Allocation & More News - Granger Ford

    For whatever reason, Ford has decided to make it harder on themselves by issuing these certs that expire every quarter. The dealer needs to request an extension with their dealer rep and advocate on your behalf. You calling Ford customer service/marketing will not yield an extension. In the...
  14. Bash Plates are Plastic on my OBX 2023 (UPDATE) OBX is a MISBUILD

    Anyone having a problem with their dealer filing a mis-build ticket and getting the correct steel bash plate, just point out the the Bronco Brand Manager, Matt Winter, knows this is happening. This is a screenshot of the transcript of the Live Q/A that Bronco Nation held with him recently. I...
  15. Mushy long travel brake pedal 2.3L

    While there can be air in the line that needs to be bled, one must understand the 2.3L has vacuum brake boosted brakes. If you press the brake in increments, the brakes become more responsive with each pressing. If you only press the brake a single time, they will feel mushy and you'll be...
  16. Heritage Bronco Custom Build by Galpin Auto Sports | Land Rover Custom Green, 37" Tires, 20" Wheels, Raptor Grille & More

    I refrained from pointing out what seemed obvious to me, but no one else pointed it out. That isn't Radflo suspension. That is the stock Bilstein(s). People can see Radflo's product line for the Bronco. For comparison, you can see them installed on a Bronco.
  17. Pennsylvania Goose Gear Seat Delete for sale

    Just looking out so you don't have your post removed. GLWS.
  18. Ford should offer this for the lovely Bronco.

    Who had an order in 2020?
  19. Hoss 3.0 Fox Coilovers installed on Outer Banks

    Just a point of clarification - the Hitachi springs are different. @Tricky Dick discovered the difference recently.
  20. My Badlands took itself for a short "drive", twice.

    This is the way for manual or automatic transmissions. Make a habit of it and you don't have to remember if you engaged the parking brake.