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  1. 12/5/2022 Build week with spreadsheet

    Still showing "shipped" last updated 1/24
  2. 12/5/2022 Build week with spreadsheet

    Same, sitting in Omaha since Jan 15. Eta 1/28-2/3
  3. Bronco is CAKED in hardened mud!

    Never heard of ceramic undercoating. Have any details on this? Sounds... Interesting. Would seem incredibly difficult to apply to an uneven and unpainted surface
  4. 12/5/2022 Build week with spreadsheet

    @Fedexman1978 how did you know it was at the rail yard? It tracked csx, which transfered to bnsf, now I'm in the dark again.
  5. 12/5/2022 Build week with spreadsheet

    I'm either stuck or at the end of the line. CSX tracking says the train stopped in Omaha on Jan 17, no eta. 🤞 it's moving to granger
  6. 12/5/2022 Build week with spreadsheet

    😡 "Your vehicle’s previous estimated delivery range of December 30, 2022, and January 5, 2023, has been updated to between January 28, 2023, and February 3, 2023."
  7. 12/5/2022 Build week with spreadsheet

    That looks a lot like a csx number, maybe try that @Lborzone64
  8. 2024 Ram 1500 Revolution EV Pickup Truck Concept Official Reveal ⚡️🐏

    Those mirrors look like they belong to a model car 😂
  9. 12/5/2022 Build week with spreadsheet

    @Razorback it's working for me, just have to click the captcha
  10. 12/5/2022 Build week with spreadsheet

    Granger has a decent amount of builds, I haven't checked the trail car. I don't want to cause myself stress. But I'm making a good assumption it's out there with the rest of you. The wait is finally coming to an end. Really looking forward to it.
  11. Win an ARB Portable Compressor this Holiday Season

    Happy holidays! Youtube subbed
  12. Rally Armor Mud Flaps Are Finally Available!

    Well the site tells me I'm forbidden, so I guess I don't want them
  13. Off road near Minoqua, WI?

    https://offroadingpro.com/trans-wisconsin-adventure-trail/ Not sure if there's anything here that might help. Some day I plan to run it
  14. Things I wish I knew before going to a Bronco Off-Roadeo - add yours

    What off roadeo are you going to? Austin did have a shuttle
  15. 2023 Bronco Allocation is Based on These 2 Factors

    I'm on the Granger train myself. So excited to get a build date today! 7/14 reservation. 4dr 2.7, badlands sas w/ mic. I'm waiting for the follow up email to say the scheduling email was sent in error it so hard to believe.
  16. Totaled my favorite truck ever

    Buy it back, make it a project while you re order
  17. MY 2023 rear seat arm rest / cup holders spotted?

    I checked all the 4 door interior photos and the all show the armrest. No matter what the seat is trimmed with. Maybe 🤷‍♂️ it's Ford we're talking about. It'll be a surprise
  18. 800 Days.

    800 here too 🙁 This doesn't make me feel better, Alternative time units 800 days can be converted to one of these units: 69,120,000 seconds 1,152,000 minutes 19,200 hours 800 days 114 weeks and 2 days 219.18% of a common year (365 days)