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  1. Do The 2023 Badlands 4dr MGV Now Have Cup Holders in the Rear Armrest?

    a 4 door... No 2 door period has a middle arm rest. those seats are 50/50
  2. Do The 2023 Badlands 4dr MGV Now Have Cup Holders in the Rear Armrest?

    I have 23 Badlands. MIC SAS LUX MGV. There’s no rear seat arm rest/cup holders. Only leather seats get that option. I purchased the IAG rear cup holders that go onto the back of the center console.
  3. Do The 2023 Badlands 4dr MGV Now Have Cup Holders in the Rear Armrest?

    I have a 23 badlands with mgv. There’s no rear seat arm rest cup holders. There’s no rear arm rest in general.
  4. MIC 2.0 leaking into A pillar trim

    I’m having the same issue. Picked mine up last week ‘23 BadSquatch hard top. Leaking water on the passenger side. Dealer can’t replicate. Now it’s just sitting in their parking lot. Frustrating. Not even 80 miles on it.
  5. Water leaking from A-pillar airbag cover in heavy rain

    Just took delivery of my MY23 bronco. Less than 24 hours of having it (moderate rain) i put the car in drive and i had water running down my passenger side A pillar :( so I guess theyre still having this issue. Now it’s just sitting at the shop. Not even 30 miles on it.

    Ordered. And don’t even have a bronco yet. 🤭
  7. Common complaints for Ford Bronco

    I took a shot every time you touched the brim of your hat. And now I’m black out drunk.
  8. 📬 2023 Bronco production scheduled build emails now going out! Gets yours yet?

    I actually got my email today too. Pretty shocked. August 2020 reservation. March 21 order. Nov 14 build week. 4Dr, 2.7, Badlands, Sasquatch, MIC hardtop, LUX and Towing. Let’s Go!
  9. HOSS 3.0 Suspension Bronco Wildtrak Brought Home Today! (Photos)

    Still waiting on mine from Two Rivers :(
  10. Bronco Apple Watch Faces

    Finally got this to work. Basically had to restart everything. Completely unpaired my watch. Deleted the Facer app and reinstalled everything. Also updated the Bluetooth on both phone and watch. After about 15 min every thing finally showed up. 👍
  11. Bronco Apple Watch Faces

    Zero luck :/
  12. Bronco Apple Watch Faces

    Mine just says Facer downloading… for hours 🤷🏻‍♂️
  13. Badlands or Wildtrak?

    I ended up Badlands. Maybe there’ll be someone who wants to swap out grills. Emblems will be easy and mirror caps and beauty rings shouldn’t be hard to replace
  14. Baja Designs A-Pillar Light Kit Giveaway!

    Ayeeee once once once ☝️
  15. [TFL] Has the Jeep Wrangler Finally Met Its Match? | Bronco Week Ep.4

    So I’ve seen all 10 speakers for the upgraded B&O 3 on the dash (left, center , right) one in driver footwell, one passenger footwell. 4 on C pillar bar. Left and Right. 2 face forward towards passengers. Two face kind of up and back towards the cargo area. And the sub is in the back right...
  16. Lilj4425's your computer is about to freeze again Bronco Super Celebration East photo thread.

    Oh boy I wanna see these get muddy in those Tennessee hills 😍
  17. How to: Remove / Swap Grille on 2021 Bronco [DIY Instructions Videos]

    Got to make sure you swap grills with one that has the camera cut out housing if you have that option. You can see in the video the original grill does not have the front camera (therefore no wiring for it either it appears) but the OBX grill he puts on does have the Camera housing. I’d hate if...
  18. Badlands or Wildtrak?

    This is my exact dilemma. I prefer the mgv interior of BL but also prefer the black grill, mirror caps, wheels, and bronco emblem of the WT
  19. Ford Performance Debuts Bronco 4600 Race Trucks

    Borrrrring. This is why everything is such a late availability for the things we can actually buy as consumers. Ford is wasting time on things we can’t buy. Let’s fix those problems first Ford. Cmon man.