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  1. 1,000's of Broncos Still Waiting...Dirt Mountain Then, Ice Mountain Now.

    Before anyone goes off...I am a licensed drone pilot and all FAA regulations were followed during these flights. Dirt Mountain August 17, 2021. Ice Mountain February 6, 2022. (My apologies for the low quality pic, forgot my SD card so these are the cached images) This is from another...
  2. Raptors at Night

    I present a mediocre picture and video of two raptors at night.
  3. Bronco Won’t Start - UPDATE - Intermittent Starting Issues & All Systems in Fault

    My baby was sitting while I was gone over the weekend, went to start her up today and this happened. Dealer said try jumping it but with all the lights and accessories coming on I don’t think its a dead battery, tried anyways but the tow guy said I need to take it in. Less than 1200 miles...
  4. Badlands for rent on Turo

    I imagine this will be salt in some wounds Badlands for Rent Or a dream come true for a few days
  5. Bronco's at MAP - Aerial Edition

    After seeing Mike Webb's video I knew I had to get my drone up in the air near MAP. I spent two hours this morning trying to locate Dirt Mountain from clues in the video and using google maps, I couldn't really tell but I went out anyway. Below are the pictures I took but I could not find the...
  6. Tired of Waiting

    Tired of waiting with no schedule date and seeing my exact build with later reservations get pulled (I’m day one, first few hours). When Carvana offered me $150 less than what I paid for my 2010 Mazda 3 years and 30k miles ago I couldn’t pass it up. Hopefully make out just as good when I sell...
  7. Outer Banks in Rapid Red at Ford Preview Event

    Currently at a ford preview event in Detroit with a Outer Banks. Two weeks in the D and they’ll be heading to other states. Edit with some more pictures. Sorry folks, this was an Outer Banks with lux, not first edition. Hard to see straight first time next to it. Second Edit** Time for some...
  8. Went Hunting

    Went Bronco hunting yesterday following the advice from some other posts. I have to say I was really surprised by the ability to drive around the Ford campus, no gate, no signs prohibiting entry, just a regular road that ends up looping you through and around. I spent maybe an hour going up and...