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  1. Mic 2.0 different colors?

    I haven’t noticed that sort of discoloration on mine. I have what appears to be a hole that was punched through and poorly repaired though. It’s really clear in certain weather or lighting conditions since the color doesn’t match at all. Cant wait to warranty that.
  2. Grille Light (like the Raptor)

    They look cool - but they'll get made fun of by the Raptor guys. I had a Raptor and it's comical seeing all the 4Runners and Tacomas running around with these lights slapped in there. They're on the Raptor because of the width of the truck.
  3. Who has yet to even see a Bronco in person?

    I haven't seen a 2-door on the road, but I've seen quite a few 4 doors around Charlotte lately.
  4. Age and Reason for 2door and 4door buyers

    Got a 2.5 year old and a 3 day old. The 4 door simply works better for that. I would get a 2 door without a family, but I really like the bigger one too.
  5. JB4 Tuner is now available for the Bronco

    Yep, the ECUs are locked for cars built after June 2020. The current method to do anything is either a piggyback like jb4 or ship your ecu to Russia so they can read it and someone can create a clone of it on an ecu without the encryption.
  6. JB4 Tuner is now available for the Bronco

    This isn’t a true tune. It’s a piggyback that tricks the computer by modifying sensor readings to push more boost. If you’re going to tune and the ECU allows for it, do an actual tune. The JB4 is nice for my untuneable Supra.
  7. Dealer wants 15k over sticker now that my bronco arrived

    Hope your kid is alright, but the comment to the dealer made me laugh. Well deserved for them. Sorry you didn’t get your Bronco. These dealers are chasing short sighted money without caring about the long term repercussions.
  8. URE (Uwharrie) Bronco Weekend get-together?

    I'd love to go out to URE next year with some folks that know what they're doing. I've been out there by myself before and I just do not feel confident taking a newer vehicle on those trails.
  9. So about North Carolina?

    There's plenty of forest service roads. Personally, I do not enjoy Uwharrie. A lot of it was rutted out and beat to shit last time I went there in a 4Runner. I like the easier roads, which we have plenty of, but there's some good wheeling out here if you're willing to drive (depending on where...
  10. My Bronco sucks off-road! Terrible rock chips after 80 miles on county dirt roads.

    This is part of the reason the gen 2 Raptor has the huge sidestep rails. People started taking those off and destroying the side of their trucks. I never removed mine but you could hear every rock smashing in to them whenever you traveled on gravel. I've noticed these tires hold rocks like...
  11. Solution for popping/rattling MIC top!

    My 2.0 MIC is ungodly annoying over the passenger side. I couldn't take it on one drive and had my wife just flip the latch over her head and it's mostly gone away. I haven't taken the time to work on figuring out what - but it was also tied to ambient weather, as it got cold, that thing got...
  12. Bronco First Edition production anomalies

    Felt like that since they let mine sit on a dirt hill for 3 months before they shipped it anyways!
  13. Bronco First Edition production anomalies

    Yeah I think the Navy looks really good with the A51, but I do have to question why it has normal pockets instead of the mollie. Had I know I could have gotten black interior at the same time, I would have gotten that, but they said it was late avail and then scheduled them immediately anyways.
  14. ModifyMike’s “Moody Blue” First Edition Build Thread

    How bad does it block the camera? Entirely? Did you have to take the bull bar off to get it to fit?
  15. The Panda Power Module is HERE! A 2.7L Tuning Solution by Panda Motorworks!

    This sounds really similar to the jb4 which is basically tricking the sensor to produce more boost. It's basically intercepting a signal and getting more boost than the sensor believes. Is that essentially what you're doing here? Are any of these parameters configurable for the user like on a...
  16. Delivery mileage

    Mine had 81 when it came off the truck at the dealer.
  17. Mic 2.0 issue - photo

    yeah I wouldn’t be too bothered if it was on top but this is right on the edge at my face staring at me every time I get in it haha.
  18. Mic 2.0 issue - photo

    Up close it looks just like slight discoloration that’s made more pronounced in the light. I may try some different cleaner and then take it to my dealer. Rest of the top looks fairly good, though there are a few dimples even in the new version it seems.
  19. Mic 2.0 issue - photo

    This is above the driver side. Really visible in the light. Looks like a botched repair? I can’t clean it off or hide it with anything.
  20. Bronco Dealers: No-ADM, X-Plans & Special Discounts Master List

    Yeah, they have a doc fee and they had a protection package of $500 that they've added recently to all their vehicles. I hate those things, but based on everything I've seen on other posts, and the fact that I have a really good relationship with this particular dealer, I'm not bothered by that.