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  1. This "Proudly Made in the U.S.A. Michigan Assembly Plant" sticker will be on windshields of all Broncos produced at MAP

    That's why our rigs sat in MI on Ice/Dirt Mountain for 6 mths, the stickers were backordered from China.
  2. 🛠 1/17/2022 Build week group

    Yes, I got the shipped email from Ford on 6/7 which was a day after I saw it on the trackers. Funny, I usually check the trackers at least once a day but I was tied up this AM so didn't. I had checked yesterday AM and it still showed in-transit/shipped but it was my dealer that notified me...
  3. 🛠 1/17/2022 Build week group

    It's ARRIVED finally... and in time for my wife's birthday this weekend.
  4. 🛠 1/17/2022 Build week group

    I think I've been missing something, where on the window sticker are dates changing and what is the significance?
  5. ***(RESOLUTION)*** If anyone can help me ....please reach out.

    Additionally, they are lying to you about the allocation issue. When this rollout started the name match policy was 80% which has subsequently been reduced to like 60%. Even then they needed to break this policy more than once before having any impact on their allocation. This is simply...
  6. X Plan pricing for 2022 Bronco?

    From what I understand, Ford excluded the Bronco from X-Plan for the 2021 MY and are now offering it on 2022 MY but it's up to the dealer as to whether they want to support that or not. I'm not sure if they are selling it to you at X-Plan or not or whether it's possible to still add ADM. I...
  7. Contacting Ford or Mr. Levine

    Yes, likely not the smartest financial decision but I'm hard wired now not to carry a lot of debt (plus the stock being sold though is not a mover). My close friend has a wealth management firm and is always talking about how cheap money is to borrow and thus I should never use my own but when...
  8. Contacting Ford or Mr. Levine

    Agree fully. We're planning on selling some stock for the purchase and we wouldn't if we knew this is going to fall through as I'm not willing to pay the extorsion.
  9. Contacting Ford or Mr. Levine

    Thanks, I was certainly not asking the B6G community to fire up the 1 star machine (not yet anyway). Especially since they responded today seemingly offering to provide me with what I asked for. We'll see if I get it. I hear what you're all saying about building a positive rapport with them...
  10. Contacting Ford or Mr. Levine

    B6G Members, I'm looking for some advice. I placed my Bronco reservation with a small dealer near me back in July 2020. Like all of you, I "hung in there" and waited for our Bronco to arrive and then we waited some more. It's finally scheduled to be built and I'm concerned my dealer is going...
  11. Anyone able to program Garage Door opener on visor (LUX)?

    I believe your Garage Door Opener needs to be compatible with HomeLink. Maybe check your owner's manual if you still have it or maybe can find it online.
  12. Sliding Rear Tailgate

    Well, I thought I did when I converted my 2021 order into a 2022. I couldn't find it in the B&P either so just told my dealer the order code (90F) and asked him to add it. Last week I saw that my rig has been scheduled for the end of January but the Slide-out Tailgate wasn't on the accessory...
  13. Production Scheduling Hitting Trackers (12/9)

    Congratulations! I happened to have checked the tracker myself this AM and noticed ours is also scheduled for week of 1/31/22! Very exciting but weren't we supposed to receive an email from Ford telling us that we've been scheduled (maybe that is still coming)? We're a first week reservation...
  14. Reservation/ Order for 2021 Bronco no longer in My Ford Account

    Excellent - thank you! I see the reservation is still there. I'll just keep hounding my dealer rep to schedule my 2022 order.
  15. Reservation/ Order for 2021 Bronco no longer in My Ford Account

    Thanks, I am pretty sure my order was still showing up there in Aug last time I was in there. I had "words" with my dealer after the you're all screwed/ hang in there letter from Ford last May. When I initially ordered my 2021 and was asked for a $2500 deposit I really didn't think much about...
  16. 👨🏻‍💻 2022 Build & Price Is Up!

    4 Door Outer Banks. I didn't see the Capable Bumper in any of the 2022 Order Guides or the B&P Tool for any trim. I'm not a fan of the Modular Bumper but really liked the look of the Capable one that was used on the Bronco Release pics from 2020.
  17. Reservation/ Order for 2021 Bronco no longer in My Ford Account

    Just curious, has anyone who has had their 2021 order pushed to 2022 but hasn't re-ordered yet noticed there is nothing showing under reservation/ order on their Ford Account? My understanding was that Ford automatically created a 2022 order (99'd) it in the system waiting for 2021 customers to...