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  1. Pennsylvania Sold: General Grabber 265/70/R17 (5) Tires - $400

    These are the stock tires from my Black Diamond rig. Low mileage, good condition (~5k mileage) - I didn't have the pleasure of taking these offroad. Anyway, this is less about me making money off these tires than it is clearing space in my tiny garage - hence the lower price. Please buy them. I...
  2. DIY Headliner using Dynamat and Dynaliner

    After finding out the Ford NVH headliner is essentially $480 carpet, I decided to make my own headliner. For $260 I got: * Dynamat mats (67 Mil thick - butyl rubber with aluminum backing, self-adhesive) * 1/8 thick Dynaliner closed/open cell foam (self-adhesive) * Some charcoal grey...
  3. Test Drove: 2.3, 4dr, Big Bend

    Long time lurker, first thread. I know at this point there have been dozens of test drive reports/videos, and hundreds of pictures, so I'll keep it short. I test drove an auto-2.3, AMB Big Bend 4-dr demo today... It was everything I was expecting and much more, and pulling out of the dealer...