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  1. 📬 Just got scheduled email today Jan 19! Post yours!

    Thursday, I got scheduled for the week of 3/20! Ordered 12/8/2021, so it will be about 17 months. 2D, 7MT, Badlands.
  2. Do we need a Bronco with more seats?

    No, that's an Expedition, not a Bronco. Honestly, I don't call a 4-door "Bronco" a Bronco. It is much too stable and not nearly as capable.
  3. Collapse of Carvana; Is this the end of Bronco ADM

    I would argue that it indicates that used car values are dropping as interest rates rise and demand for cars declines. I posted a piece on the collapse of C8 Corvette prices in the used market. The Corvette and the Bronco are both "halo" vehicles that have high demand. That demand is beginning...
  4. The effect of the recession on halo car prices

    No, this is not the Bronco. The C8 Corvette is Chevy's halo car. The Bronco is one of Ford's halo cars. I suspect we are going to see prices decline similarly.
  5. 4.46 vs 4.7 Gear Ratio Discussion

    **As pointed out by some replies, you CAN get a manual badlands with the 4.7 ratio, but you do lose trail-turn assist.. which is why I didn't. I was strictly speaking of the automatic, I should have clarified.. although that is not at all the point of my post** The 4.7 ratio is standard on a...
  6. Black Bronco Raptor on Bring A Trailer auction site

    "There is also currently a lien on the vehicle, and the seller’s lender will need to be paid off before the title can be transferred to the new owner. "
  7. RCI Bronco Rock Sliders Are Here!

    My mistake. The rear fender flare goes a long way into the rear door. I thought it was a two-door. https://www.bronco6g.com/forum/attachments/bronco-slider-no-tread-2-jpg.394999/
  8. RCI Bronco Rock Sliders Are Here!

    The second to last picture shows a 2-door version, without a tread plate.
  9. 40 inch Mickey Thompson Baja Pros

    Didn't look like you changed the gearing. Why not?
  10. Unfulfilled Cyber Orange order holders - what 2023 color are you changing to?

    I'm planning on switching to Oxford White. All of my Broncos were white, long before OJ. We raised, trained, and showed Rottweilers, so the temperature was the issue. One of the white Broncos was a two-tone, with a silver-gray hood. The lowered glare from the hood was a pleasant surprise. Ford...
  11. And it’s begun... Bronco Raptor flippers 🤦

    Choose your dealer wisely. I've been dealing with mine since 1985.
  12. And it’s begun... Bronco Raptor flippers 🤦

    Flipping houses and cars are very similar. They are both taking advantage of supply and demand in the marketplace. Somebody had the foresight and the cash to order and buy the Raptor. We experienced a liquidity bubble during Covid. Used car prices and home prices ballooned. As the Federal...
  13. And it’s begun... Bronco Raptor flippers 🤦

    He'll probably get a good price for it, but the used car market is imploding.
  14. Jeebus, tires are expensive.

    For a non-Sasquatch Badlands, the KO2s are $299.99 each (shipped) from Tire Rack ($1500 for five). Those are 33", not 35". All of my big Broncos had 31" tires from the factory, so it's an upgrade for me.
  15. Jeebus, tires are expensive.

    Keep in mind that tires basically come out of a barrel of oil. If/when oil prices decline, so will tire prices.
  16. Alpine Loop, CO - Finally Flexing my Black Diamond non-Sas.

    Did you change the gearing when you upsized the tires?
  17. 5 wheel tire rotation... Why you should do it!

    That's 20% of the tire life of five tires. One tire added is 25% of the tire life of four tires. So, the increase of tire life using five tires over four is 25%. Keep in mind that the cost of replacing five tires is 25% more than the cost of replacing four tires, so there's no free lunch.