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  1. Anyone else considering trading for the next-gen 4Runner?

    Unless they update the engine….no thanks. We test drove one while waiting for our Bronco to be built and when I pulled out of the dealer and stepped on it……it just was a dog….asked the salesman if something was wrong with it because it was so gutless.
  2. Why does the auto start stop feature bother so many people?

    It’s one of the first things “deleted” off of a build when chips are in short supply…which says a lot….just more government meddling to give us an answer for a question no one asked.
  3. Lite Brite Takes Bronco Raptor Extreme Wheeling

    But but but……she has an “Only Fans Page”! 😃
  4. Sasquatch before and after 35mm wheel spacers

    Any offset other then stock will effect wheel bearing life…..the further from stock the shorter the bearings life. How much shorter? You won’t now until they start to make that horrific sound as the eat themselves!
  5. Picked up my bronco then got into a small fender bender. (Dashcam)

    OP is from LA…..Does it make sense now? 🤪🤪
  6. Sasquatch before and after 35mm wheel spacers

    Ya……the stock position throws enough rocks as is……with them out that much further you going to be touching up way more rock chips…..
  7. Driver Side Rear Window Pops Out After Rivet Fix

    Take it back to the dealer…..looks like you may need a whole new top.
  8. What's your unpopular Bronco opinion?

    Area 51 is gray? Are you color blind???
  9. TMP

    Outer Banks Beach Club

    Well there you go! So back to your “ordinance”……let’s say you do get stuck…..anybody with a 4wd that drives on OBX has a shovel on board “just in case”……and if not they are a fool and deserve to get a “ticket”……so when you do get stuck what’s the very first thing you do? Yep…air down your...
  10. Driving in sand? (I’m dumb)

    Have you been to Pismo? The sand is exactly like Daytona Beach…..
  11. Driving in sand? (I’m dumb)

    So I’ve read some of these replies and yes in deep sand you should air down…..but I’ve been to Pismo……Pismo is not deep soft sand……up in the dunes yes but on the ocean front part where you drive and camp you will be fine with full air……last time there we where in a 2012 Explorer with street...
  12. Chipped paint on the door now what

    It’s a off road vehicle……it’s going to get chips in the paint…..hell every car/truck on the road has chips in the paint.
  13. California bans sale of gas engines by 2035 [*** ADMIN WARNING: NO POLITICS. TECHNICAL DISCUSSION ONLY ***]

    Thank you…….you understood my point but not how the economy/inflation/energy pricing works…….how’s that possible? 🤷🏻‍♂️
  14. California bans sale of gas engines by 2035 [*** ADMIN WARNING: NO POLITICS. TECHNICAL DISCUSSION ONLY ***]

    There is no way possible to answer this question honestly without talking about politics……..it is politics that made this “rule” and it’s also politics that have refused to increase “energy production“ to be able to meet the energy demands of their “rule”……
  15. TMP

    Outer Banks Beach Club

    So you heard it from a “friend”? 🙄
  16. Can we run 85 ethanol in the Bronco?

    Go for it…….but you might want to get a new short block on order because you will need to replace the engine.
  17. OBX Hatteras Coastal NC Trip

    One thing to keep in mind….the beaches south of Salvo down to the point are notoriously soft…….even aired down you risk getting stuck out there……been beach driving there since 1985…….we mainly go to Frisco beach up to the point……
  18. Florida First Edition for sale

    “For sell”?
  19. TMP

    The Broncos of Virginia(s)

    Richmond Ford is the worse dealer to deal with in Richmond…..had to call 911 once to force them to give me back my truck keys after I decided I didn’t want to trade my old truck for a new one they had…….absolut worse case of “hard sell” I’ve ever been involved with. Since then I’ve bought 4...