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  1. Engineering Explained: Rev Hang with Manual Transmission

    For those with manual transmission, or considering buying one, you might want to watch this fascinating video.
  2. TFL Tommy's Bronco road trip review

    Tommy from TFL goes on a Colorado road trip, and shares his impressions compared to other off road worthy SUVs at the end. As he says, “the Bronco is 9,000 times better” (fast forward to approximately 17:00 for summary).
  3. New Mexico Sasquatch (Bigfoot) swag

    Unrelated swag I stumbled upon. My wife got me a cool Sasquatch t-shirt from a company called Aksels. They also have hats, socks, even stickers with a Sasquatch. https://aksels.com/search?q=bigfoot**&type=product (I have no association with this company, I just thought they had some cool stuff.)